Welcome to Zero260!

At Zero260, we love collector cars. We love driving them, we love dreaming about them, we love learning about them, we love finding them and we love sharing them with our enthusiast friends. We seek to create the best marketplace for automobile enthusiasts by operating transparent auctions that leave both buyers and sellers satisfied with the price and transaction.

Is your car right for our auction platform? As far as we see it, a collector car is a vehicle of any value that’s both notably sought after and relatively difficult to find. It can be a restored $350,000 classic with period race history, or a $3,500 survivor that’s rarely spotted. It can be a Honda from the 1990s or a Duesenberg from the 1930s. Domestic or foreign, modern classic or pre-war antique, bone stock or tastefully modified – as long as it grabs our attention, as long as it fuels enthusiast passion, it’ll be parked in our online community driveway.

Zero260 was conceptualized and founded by S. Devon Crail and John Goodman, both lifelong car enthusiasts whose relationship in the collector car world has spanned more than 15 years.

S. Devon Crail

The son of inimitable classic car dealer Charles Crail, S. Devon Crail has been immersed in the classic and collector car world his entire life. An early pioneer in the trade since the late 1960s, over the last 50-years Devon’s father has owned and sold countless examples of the most desirable, blue chip, pre- and post-war exotics ever produced, from one-off Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts to a 1950s Le Mans winning Ferrari, affording Devon a front row seat to one of the world’s most exclusive and uncannily unique circles.

Having grown up at showrooms, storage warehouses, car shows and auction events, Devon has worked for Charles S. Crail Automobiles for more than 20 years, striving to take the firm into the 21st century by implementing auction house quality internet and social media marketing in the pursuit of finding good homes for great cars. Bringing his visual talent, wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts to the management team, Devon’s own personal love for collectible cars of all walks of life (especially low-mile survivors) fuels his underlying motivation to create an industry leading online enthusiast community and sales platform.