Welcome to Zero260!

At Zero260 we love collector cars. We love driving them, we love dreaming about them, we love learning about them, we love finding them and we love sharing them with our enthusiast friends. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Each day we’ll be publishing posts about the best collector cars that we’ve found listed online, posts that answer the questions: Is it a great deal? Is it an honest example? Is it weird or uncommon? Does it have a great story?

When it makes sense, we’ll provide our take on the car and the market, and we’d love your input as well. Is our opinion spot on or way off? Do you have experience with a car that you want to share? Do you have questions about a car that maybe another reader can weigh in on? Are you aware of a car that you think deserves to be shared? We want to hear it all.

So what kind of cars are we going to be posting and talking about? As far as we see it, a collector car is a vehicle of any value that’s both notably sought after and relatively difficult to find. It can be a restored $350,000 classic with period race history, or a $3,500 survivor that’s rarely spotted. It can be a Honda from the 1990s or a Duesenberg from the 1930s. Domestic or foreign, modern classic or pre-war antique, bone stock or tastefully modified – as long as it grabs our attention, as long as it fuels enthusiast passion, it’ll be parked in our online community driveway.

Do intriguing collector cars fuel your passion? We’re here to deliver them daily, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.