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Zero260 is an editorial blog website that sources collector car listings from third party classified sites, analyzes said listings and shares them with users of the site for viewer enjoyment through original editorial articles. Registered site users are also provided with direct links to the sellers’ original online classified listings.

While Zero260 tries to do everything within our power to remotely ensure the listings found on this site are honestly represented, Zero260 does not inspect ANY of subject cars in the listings we write about or otherwise share with our site visitors, and therefore cannot guarantee that any of these vehicles meet the criteria that we assume in selecting them for publishing. It is the sole responsibility of any potential vehicle buyer to verify the representations made by the seller of each listing, as none of the information provided by the sellers has been independently substantiated prior to publishing. ZERO260 IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for inaccurate or misleading claims made by the seller of any subject car or listing. Further, while we do our best to only post vehicles that are active on the market at the time of publishing, Zero260 cannot guarantee any vehicle will still be for sale by the time it is posted on our site.

Zero260 generates content based upon the information available in each listing’s seller description at the time of publishing, however it is possible for sellers to modify their descriptions in their ad over time, potentially resulting in incorrect information or assertions. For any questions regarding a vehicle in question, users and site visitors must contact the seller directly via the contact information in the seller’s original listing.

Zero260 makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the ownership, authenticity, or condition of any vehicle, or as to the completeness, integrity, or accuracy of any information about any vehicle discussed, written about or shared on Zero26.com. Any concerns or discrepancies about a vehicle should be addressed directly with the vehicle’s seller, with whom Zero260 has no agreement or transactional relationship.

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