How do you select the cars for your Posts?

Every day the Zero260 team looks at hundreds of recently listed collector car classifieds (usually less than 24 hours old), paring them down to the +/-30 of the most interesting cars: the best deals, the most unique and/or the highest quality.

The cars at the top of that list are usually selected for our daily posts (the only exception being when we try not to double up on a specific make/model …). When we select a car to write a post about, it means that we analyze the car, write an article detailing its key benefits (and sometimes detractors), and provide our expert opinion on its valuation.

What are Zero260 Fast Finds?

We’d love to write a post about every great car we find each day, but when we factor for the amount of listings posted throughout the entire country (and beyond), we just don’t have the bandwidth.

But even if a car doesn’t make our daily Posts, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to share it with you, so we decided to create Fast Finds – a single line rundown of the car and a direct link to the seller’s original listing page. We upload both Posts and Fast Finds throughout the day, so check back often to see the next great car!

What does Zero260 cost?

Nothing. It is entirely free.

We ask that you register to access each Post’s original listing link, price and location, as well as to get access to our Fast Find links.

Why? We want Zero260 to be a virtual Cars and Coffee, we want your input, we want you to share your experiences and expertise, and we want you to set your preferences so that you get notifications when a car you’re interested in is newly published. Join us!

What does registration entail?

Very little – just an email address and a username and password that you create. You can opt out/disable your User Profile at any time, but we hope you’ll stay!

Being a Registered User affords you the opportunity to:

- Access to each Zero260 Post’s original listing link, price and location

- Access to direct Fast Find links

- Build a User Profile, including a Profile Picture, share your personal or dream cars, set Preferences and Filters for the cars you want to see and hear about.

- Track the listings you’ve Favorited.

- Get notices when a car matching your Filters is published to the site, as well as when anyone responds to you or mentions you in a comment.

Registering with Zero260 is also required to use our Commentary feature on each Post, and we definitely want you to weigh in, so please sign up and enjoy the fun!

Do you own or have any affiliation with the cars that are posted?

No. We find listings from third party sellers (primarily private party) and then either share links to those listings through Zero260 Fast Finds or write a Post about the subject car.

We have no affiliation with the sellers and realize no direct benefit (financial or otherwise) from posting about or sharing their listings. The Zero260 site is about bringing the best collector cars posted each day to our users and site visitors for their viewing enjoyment.

If you don’t make money from the Posts and Fast Finds, how do you?

Simple answer: we don’t, at least not for now. This is a labor of love for us, a way to share our own collector car enthusiasm when Covid has otherwise made that difficult. We do have some merchandise for sale (hats, t-shirts, decals, etc.), and while we may explore some classifieds or other revenue streams in the future, it is and always will be about the cars.

How can I support Zero260?

Become a registered user, sign up for the Daily Mail, comment on posts and, if you’re feeling particularly generous, buy a hat, shirt, sweatshirt or vinyl decal!

We’ve received multiple queries about the above questions, but that doesn’t mean we’ve answered everything. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have and we’ll make sure to get back you as soon as possible!