40-Year Family Owned Fixed Head: 1970 Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupe

  • July 29, 2020
Why We Like It

With their iconic styling and a grin-inducing driver experience, Series I E-Types saw significant valuation increases following the 2008 financial crisis, which caused Series IIs and IIIs to jump correspondingly. At their height, many enthusiasts felt valuations were no longer justifiable for a model that saw 70k+ units produced, but there’s a been tangible market cooling (if not correction) in the past few years, making them somewhat more broadly attainable again. That’s something that we - as only aspiring owners - are pretty happy about, and this Series II FHC is the perfect embodiment.

40-year-family-owned-fixed-head-1970-jaguar-e-type-fixed-head-coupe73748400-770-0@2XIt’s clearly been well-cared-for and its one-family ownership over the last 40 years is exhibited through some great driver-quality patina on an otherwise very cosmetically clean example. It also just had a slew of mechanical attention, and while we’d advise you take a look at the original listing for the impressive comprehensive run-down of work completed (fuel system, cooling system, carbs, exhaust, electrical, steering, etc., etc.), suffice it to say that it would seem no stone was left unturned mechanically to ensure the car performs to the best of its ability.

We’ve always felt Primrose was a lovely period color, and this one’s price is charming too

We’ve always felt Primrose was a lovely period color, and this one’s price is charming too – Hagerty puts #2 “Excellent” examples at $91k, with #3 “Good” examples at $51k, and we’d peg this one’s condition somewhere in between, with a listing price +/-10% under where we’d expect to see it hammer at auction. At worst, it seems to be fair market. At best, a lot of timeless British motoring enjoyment for the money.

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