Ambitious, Crazy or Ahead of Curve: 14k Mile BMW E30 325is

  • August 12, 2020
Why We Like It

Considering that E30 M3’s are just about the hottest collector cars on the market right now – $250k for the 8k Mile one on Bring a Trailer and the Paul Walker cars at Barrett Jackson, let alone all of the other 6-figure examples that seem to be trading almost weekly – it would stand to reason that the next best thing would be jumping up in value too, right? That’s certainly what the seller of this car seems to think, and while we feel he might be a little ambitious, we’re not sure his logic is wrong.

Apart from the M3, the most desirable E30 sold in the US was the 325is 5-speed with a sport suspension, front and rear spoilers, sport seats, an M-Tech I steering wheel, power windows, cruise control, air conditioning and fog lights. Those that came without a sunroof (“slick-tops”) have become more desirable, but only by a fairly small measure. This example checks all of those boxes (save for the sunroof, which it has), but it’s also finished in an extremely desirable color, is ostensibly in collector-worthy condition and, obviously most importantly, has a mere 14k original miles.

So, what does that make it worth? At first blush the seller’s list price seemed laughable to us, but upon further reflection, crazier things have happened than him finding someone who’s been moved by the recent newsworthy sales of M3s, let alone a collector with little concern for cost. After all, if it’s all it’s cracked up to be, this might very well be the best 325is in the existence. Even then, our instinct is that 50% or 60% of this asking price is a more realistic sales number, but in a market with this much upward fluidity, who can say? Where would you peg the value on this E30?

It’s also worth noting that the seller suggests that interested parties make an offer, and it’s possible that his list price is just a placeholder, the same way that many sellers put $1 as their listed price so as to test the market. Who knows…offer away…and if you do, let us know the seller’s response!

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