Bad Ass Bronze Bruiser: 8k-Mile 2019 Nissan GT-R Premium

  • December 23, 2020
Why We Like It

Nissan is roundly criticized these days for putting their sports cars out to pasture, languishing in obsolescent obscurity while the rest of the automotive world is passing them by. Valid point, considering the 370Z has been around over ten years and the GT-R is almost a teenager. Halo cars like the GT-R are tasked with bringing buyers into showrooms to drool and swoon, dreaming of lottery tickets and considering second mortgages to obtain them, but when reality catches up, they settle for a Sentra and are on their way. Trouble is, it doesn’t work that way anymore, as photogenic and work allergic hipsters are obtaining cheap lines of credit to buy supercars so they can proffer images of an aspirational lifestyle. The paper tigers of Instagram are modern day jockeys, posing with neon-colored Lamborghinis and McLarens, fishing for eyeballs to feed the want.

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bad-ass-bronze-bruiser-8k-mile-2019-nissan-gt-r-premium00K0K gNkMLyLgetP 0x20oM 1200x900In this brave new world, maybe “Godzilla’s” 13-year-old platform can’t garner the same attention, even though the reputation that the R35 has built over the last decade was hard earned. In 2008 it stomped all over the competition, bashing the brains out of Europe’s best offerings for half or a third the cost, and in today’s market, with the necessity of having a couple jump seats, there is some worthy competition in the Porsche 911 GTS, Lotus Evora 400, Lexus LC500, Ford Mustang GT500, and Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE. New or used relative to the model, these cars have encroached on Godzilla’s territory, and although cross shopping is real, like a multiple-choice test, sometimes there really is only one right answer.

Special cars like this one deserve some color, and the Blaze Metallic paint is bad ass, while the seller thinks it just might be the only example in its color. Leave the sea of grayscale offerings to the local Trader Joe’s parking lot please. The same goes for the matching Rakuda Tan leather interior – you’re spending time in there, does it need to be all black? The seats appear to strike the perfect balance between sporty and comfortable, with both substantial bolsters and cutouts for your future race harnesses. In the 2019 Premium trim, Nissan listened to the feedback about spine shearing ride quality and softened it up a bit for those interested in long-legged road trips. We are glad this car is bone stock - again, modify the white ones, wrap them in shape shifting pearlescent purple if you must, but with most sports cars, the first thing to upgrade is the driver (the second being the tires). However, GT-Rs are renowned for flattering their pilots, and this owner fitted a round of Michelin PS4s upon taking ownership 2,400 miles ago, so all that’s left is to grab some friends (in your COVID bubble of course) and unleash the 562 ponies for a romp!bad-ass-bronze-bruiser-8k-mile-2019-nissan-gt-r-premium00y0y 2s8NxZupK56 0x20oM 1200x900

bad-ass-bronze-bruiser-8k-mile-2019-nissan-gt-r-premium00M0M 1FwIGMxSRHj 0x20oM 1200x900We see by the photos that our subject car is the same example purchased a few short months ago on Bring a Trailer for $90k. This classified ad from Atlanta shows the color combo isn’t pure unobtainium, though you’ll forgo Apple Carplay and Android Auto and be treated to twice the odometer reading for your discounted sticker price. Hagerty’s price guide for the 2018 car (identical) lists a #2 “excellent” at $107k, with a #3 “good” falling at $87k, triangulating this car squarely. Thanks to the color combo and overall condition, we can safely call it fair market, although with a little informed negotiation (hint the seller’s purchase price), we’d like to see the price come down a bit.

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Haters may stand on the sidelines and tell you this is a car for gamers and insecure spec sheet worshipers, but the truth is, it serves up pedigree and panache in large heaping spoonfuls. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that you don’t know what you have ‘till it's gone, but this GT-R is still right here.

As an added treat, in this video Chris Harris gives a tutorial on GT-R power slides in addition to some lovely touring in the English countryside.

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