Bahama Mama: 42k-Mile 1970 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon

  • March 09, 2021
The Rundown
  • Bahama Blue w/ Premium Black Interior
  • Original 335hp, 383ci V8 w/ 727 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Front & Rear Air Conditioning
  • Looks to be Absolutely Perfect
  • Copies of Build Sheets & Original Maintenance Booklet
Why We Like It

Who doesn’t love a vintage longroof? Especially one that’s been as seemingly well pampered as this Bahama Blue over black 1970 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon. Complete with the simulated woodgrain sides, whitewall tires, 383ci V8 engine, automatic transmission, dual exhaust, dual-zone air conditioning, power windows, and so many more options, Chrysler station wagons were largely considered the top-of-the-line offering in American family cars at the time, shared in some ways with the likes of Buick and Mercury.

bahama-mama-42k-mile-1970-chrysler-town-and-country-wagonBahama Mama: 42k-Mile 1970 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon<br>

bahama-mama-42k-mile-1970-chrysler-town-and-country-wagonBahama Mama: 42k-Mile 1970 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon<br>
77843233-770-0@2XFinding another one in this condition isn’t just difficult, it’s nearly impossible. Admittedly, it’s got some flaws, but as a hugely original specimen, why wouldn’t there be flaws? It’s travelled just over 40k miles from new, so certainly there will be a few blemishes. But otherwise, it’s really a sharp looking example that makes a stunning appearance. The two-way tailgate makes loading cargo, groceries, and people a little easier and the interior looks to be like new, with only a few flaws to speak of. With a split bench front seat, the driver’s side is electrically operated, and the passenger seat may well be too, but it’s hard to say. The dashboard on these late 1960s/early 1970s Chryslers is like something out of Buck Rogers, with an upside-down needle sweeping across the speedometer, buttons and toggles galore with lights for everything. It looks like the original radio was replaced by a more modern AM/FM Cassette player, which is kind of a pity – the original twin-dial radios were such cool looking things. Terrific for straight-away acceleration, Chryslers were also well regarded for their ability to brake, just don’t ask it to take curves and corners at high rates of speed, but that was never the point of these wagons. Cruising the highways and byways, grabbing the family groceries, towing the boat – that was what it was all about. Who remembers when The Brady Bunch toured the Grand Canyon and Yosemite? Okay, it was a Plymouth, but it was the same basic idea – haul ’em all with room to spare.

bahama-mama-42k-mile-1970-chrysler-town-and-country-wagonBahama Mama: 42k-Mile 1970 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon<br>

Valuation Verdict

In the past few years, a small battery of 1968-1971 Chrysler Town & Countrys have come to market, but we didn’t see any as nice as this one. In fact, most were turned into mild hot rods, thanks to their powerful 383ci and 440ci engines. Many have well over 100k miles and are simply worn out. And yet, they’re still commanding in the low to mid-teens. Yes, this one is about double that, but if quality is in the cards, this is the one to get. So, while it’s nowhere near inexpensive, finding another one in similar condition will prove difficult, and trying to restore one will likely command even more money in the long run, not to mention the accompanying headaches along the way. Is it worth the premium? We definitely think so!

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