Barcelona Red Beauty: 51k-Mile 1993 Subaru SVX LS-L Special Edition

  • April 08, 2021
The Rundown
  • Subaru’s High-Style 1990s GT Car
  • Low-Drag Body Designed by Giugiaro
  • Only 51k Seller-Stated Miles
  • 230hp, 3.3L ‘Flat 6’ Engine
  • AWD & 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Rare, 1 of 301 Special Edition LS-L for the USA
Why We Like It

Introduced for 1992 and produced through 1997, Subaru’s SVX was the company’s high end Grand Touring coupe featuring almost otherworldly low drag bodywork designed by famed Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro. Ample power, factory-rated at 230hp, is delivered by a 3.3L ‘Flat-6’ engine quite similar in some respects to that used by Porsche’s contemporary 911 models, mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission and Subaru’s trademark all-wheel drive system. A luxurious interior and wide array of features and amenities made the SVX an ideal and decidedly upscale GT car. While not intended as an all-out sports car, the SVX delivers 15-second quarter-mile times, 0.90g on the skid pad, and 60-0mph stopping in just 114 feet. However, the real forte of the SVX is high-speed, long-distance cruising in all weather and with purposeful, driver-oriented luxury.

barcelona-red-beauty-51k-mile-1993-subaru-svx-ls-l-special-edition00O0O czzcRhVp9usz 0qp0jO 1200x900This 1993 Subaru SVX comes to our attention with 50k original miles and according to the owner, it’s 1 of 301 Special Edition LS-L cars shipped to North America in celebration of Subaru’s 25th anniversary in the market. Finished in Barcelona Red over tan leather, this SVX is highly equipped with the Touring Package, sunroof, and rear spoiler. Newly installed hood struts prevent headaches while performing routine maintenance. As one can see in the online photos, the SVX has been maintained in nearly perfect order by one demanding owner from new.

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Valuation Verdict

This Zero260 contributor still recalls a first sighting of the futuristic SVX while on a fast highway in very foul weather and grooving to Nirvana and Metallica back in 1994. It looked like a spaceship! Few were built and now, as then, the SVX is a rather rare find. According to Hagerty’s price guide, an all-wheel drive 1993 LS-L model SVX is a screaming bargain at $5,300 for a good #3 example, $8,200 for an excellent #2, and $12,100 for an as-new specimen. Our subject car seems likely ‘Fair Market’ at just below the advertised price, and we challenge you to find another one, let alone one as nice.

People reacted to this car
Swap in a 5-speed as soon as you take it home. The 4-speed auto in these were awful and prone to failure. Other than that issue these are awesome cars. Would be perfect for taking to Radwood shows.
28 minutes