Big Block Red-Blooded American: 1969 Corvette L36 Coupe 4-Speed

  • February 23, 2021
The Rundown
  • 427ci L36 OHV V8 Engine
  • Single Four-Barrel Carburetor
  • 390bhp at 5,400rpm
  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Fully Independent Front & Rear Suspension
  • 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Why We Like It

This '69 Corvette started out life as a Riverside Gold painted L36 427/390hp with 4-speed manual transmission, and when the owner decided to do a nice frame-on restoration, he also decided that a color change was in order. So according to the seller, the gold paint was completely removed down to the fiberglass and a fresh coat of vibrant red was carefully applied. Fortunately, much of the original interior was retained. The shifter appears to have been upgraded to a Hurst Competition Plus in the photos.

big-block-red-blooded-american-1969-corvette-l36-coupe-4-speed00R0R jIqApxNYLgOz 1320MM 1200x900

big-block-red-blooded-american-1969-corvette-l36-coupe-4-speed00e0e 7Kad23QPaUkz 0oe0i9 1200x900No photos of the engine bay have been posted, so we can’t really judge the quality of the car in that area, however, it’s very clean and stock in appearance everywhere else. The seller also states that the correct, matching numbers engine is tuned and runs very strong, with meticulous service records, to boot. We’ve driven many big block Corvettes of this vintage and they are a blast on the road. The torque of the big engine combined with a Munice 4-speed is sublime. This one may not be the 435hp model that commands the big price premiums, but you won’t have to tinker with three carburetors to keep it running correctly either, plus save a Chevy truck-load of money on a car that looks just the same – and it looks good!

big-block-red-blooded-american-1969-corvette-l36-coupe-4-speed00l0l 8359Zb8Auuaz 0CI0t2 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

Checking auction sales results through Conceptcarz shows an average sale price of $39,325 for a 1969 Corvette with a 390 horsepower 427 engine. Compare that to the whopping $231k average price for very same car factory equipped with the 435hp 427 engine! If your desire is to drive and enjoy a 1969 Corvette, is it worth an extra $191,675 for an engine option? For serious collectors with deep pockets the answer is yes, for everyone else, perhaps not. This one would be well bought for anyone looking for a great big block Corvette, and we guess it won’t last long.

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