Blue Poly Metallic Beauty: 1961 Chevrolet Impala “Bubbletop” 2-Door Hardtop

  • November 19, 2020
Why We Like It

Introduced for 1958, the Impala went on to become a mainstay of Chevrolet’s model lines that continues its legacy today. Following the one-year-only body style for 1958, the Impala adopted wildly popular finned styling for 1959 and 1960, followed by the more restrained styling of the General Motors’ new B-Body chassis for 1961. Now representing the full stylistic influence of GM chief designer Bill Mitchell, Chevrolet’s top-line Impala series truly came of age as one of the definitive full-size American automobile designs of the 1960s. The new Impala series included seven models, with the 2-door “Bubbletop” Coupes being particularly popular with drag racers and NASCAR teams for its smoother and more aerodynamic body design. Available options were extensive, and interiors were more luxurious than ever before with six different colors to be clad in 1 of 15 different exterior choices, allowing unprecedented levels of personalization for Impala buyers. Power plant choices were more numerous than ever before, ranging from the 235ci "Hi-Thrift 6 to the ultra-smooth 348ci “Turbo-Thrust” V8 mated to either a manual gearbox with overdrive available, or the GM Powerglide and Turboglide automatics.

blue-poly-metallic-beauty-1961-chevrolet-impala-bubbletop-2-door-hardtop00r0r cI4JszsNOcs 0jm0ew 1200x900These attractive Chevrolets have been popular from new and have adapted extremely well to virtually every automotive culture from racing to fully built street machines, factory correct restorations, and even being gold standard in the Southern California Custom and Lowrider scene. As related by the seller, our subject car left the factory in Jewel Blue Poly paint with a White roof. A highly desirable California car, it is understood to be rust-free and super clean inside and out. Power is delivered by a 454ci V8 engine with a TH350 automatic transmission. Brand new Coker tires have about 10 miles on them and the Impala is declared to run and drive perfectly.

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Chevy Impalas from the early 1960s are super cool and highly popular today. In addition to condition, values are heavily dependent upon their factory powertrain combinations. While this Impala is indeed fitted with a non-original engine and transmission, the powerful, high-torque 454 V8 and Hydramatic 3-speed are definite steps up in terms of usability and drivability. According to Hagerty’s current price guide, 1961 Impala 2-door Hardtops range from $7,600 to $62,100. Surprisingly, no sales of 1961 Impalas are recorded by Bring a Trailer. A 1962 car did sell there, albeit nowhere near the asking price of this 1961 car. Differences are only stylistic between the two cars, which helps determine market values a bit. Other than the more modern engine and transmission this 1961 Impala looks almost factory-fresh and it is very attractive with its color combination and very nice interior compartment. It will likely deliver lots of great cruising pleasure for its next owner and who knows, maybe a deal can be hammered out with the seller, leading us to think of it as being worth the premium.

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