Classic Conversion: 1978 Ford F-150 Custom Pickup Camper

  • May 26, 2021
The Rundown

54k Miles Shown
300ci 6-Cylinder Engine w/ RWD
4-Speed Manual w/ Low Crawler Gear
'Vintage Teal' & 'Heirloom White' Paint
8ft Full Bed w/ Vintage Aluminum Shell
Restored Front Cab w/ Modern Upgrades
Professional & Tasteful Camper Amenities
Secondary Power w/ Solar for Camper
Wireless Projector w/ Fold Down Screen

Why We Like It

Man, do we see a ton of camper conversions posted every day all over the interweb! And they usually fall into two categories: sparse and depressing, or overly built and thus really expensive. This one isn't cheap, but we like the dichotomy of '70s classic style on the outside and modern, functional creature comforts on the inside. It looks like a quality build and a great use of the limited space on offer. Nothing fancy, but just enough to keep you going out on the road or deep in the wilderness for days at a time.

Check out the detailed walk-around video below to see everything this sweet rig has to offer.

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