Clean Catfish: 39k-Mile 2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe 6-Speed

  • February 15, 2021
The Rundown
  • 305hp 5.7L 346ci LS1 V8 Engine
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission w/ Factory Hurst Shifter
  • Leather Interior
  • Factory Alloy Wheels Still Wearing Original Goodyear Tires
  • Bone Stock Except Corsa Cat Back Exhaust (Includes Stock Cat Back)
  • Comes w/ Window Sticker, Brochures, Service Records
Why We Like It

The 4th Generation Camaros took the brand to a whole new level. Their chassis and bodies were completely redesigned and reengineered to accommodate a variety of driving styles, but focused very heavily on handling, high performance, and superior build quality. Introduced in 1993, a 275hp, 5.7L LT1-equipped Z28 would clear the ¼-mile in 14-seconds flat at 100 mph, and top out near 160 mph. It would also pull about .92 g on the skidpad – the entire package was dangerously close to Corvette figures, and it only got better with more revisions, such as the use of the 305hp LS1 in ‘98.

This 2000 Z28 ticks a lot of nice boxes – one box is its 39k miles. We love the color combination too, a subtle silvery champagne with tan interior. Still wearing the factory wheels and tires, said to be the originals, the car retains its factory ride height and clear glass, no tint has been applied yet. By the pictures, the car looks perfectly clean – no obvious damage or paint imperfections, the lenses look clear and bright, the panels look straight as do the gaps. The car admittedly has an aftermarket Corsa cat-back exhaust system, evidenced by the exhaust pipes under the bumper, but the seller claims to have the original unit.

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clean-catfish-39k-mile-2000-chevrolet-camaro-z28-coupe-6-speed00101 fn8YByQHkEEz 0CI0t2 1200x900Only one picture is given of the interior, largely of the driver’s seat, which is good – that’s the one that usually gets the most wear and tear, but this one still looks sharp without any fading. The carpet seems okay, the center console looks sharp, and the Hurst shifter makes us want to go drive like a maniac. That’s an interesting thing about this particular Z28 – they were engineered to go fast, handle well, stop quickly, and move like a world class sports car. But this one is in the ho-hum color of champagne over tan, which we like a lot – but it’s so laid back, so subtle, it’s almost too serene a color for such a hot blooded sportscar. Part of why we love it.

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All things told, it’s hard not to love a 4th Gen Camaro, be it a V6 or V8 car – both are very capable vehicles. And, the 4th Gen has a chassis and body structure that made a lot of other manufacturers sit up and take notice – even Corvette itself. It’s said Corvette wasn’t too happy with Camaro offering that much performance for so many less dollars, which speaks volumes for how good the 4th Gen Camaro really is.clean-catfish-39k-mile-2000-chevrolet-camaro-z28-coupe-6-speed00o0o 8fAlQuUZeqyz 0wg0oc 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

The 4th Gen Camaros have held their value reasonably well and seem to be on an upswing at the moment, with prices on the rise. Obviously better examples are worth more, but there is a lot of snake oil on the Camaro market – cars with well over 100k miles asking for money in the high teens, and they’re not even a convertible. We’re not sure how fast they’re selling, but it’s very smart to stay on the lookout for examples like this one, with low miles, very original, no signs of abuse, and a general sense of having been well kept. We’ll call this one fair market because the price is right there with so many others, but we’re confident it’ll feel really well bought in the very near future.

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