Clean Fifth Gen 4x4: Modified 1966 Chevrolet Suburban

  • August 19, 2020
Why We Like It

This generation of Chevy trucks and Suburbans were the first to offer a factory-equipped 4WD option, with previous models being modified with 4WD “Power-Paks” provided by NAPCO. We love the stout styling of the fifth gen GM trucks and Suburbans, and this one appears to be one of the nicest we’ve seen this year.

While originality is always appreciated, this truck has been modified with the running gear from an early 90’s Suburban, and the inevitable increase in drivability – especially on this particular generation – is sure to appeal to a big swath of the market. It has a 350ci V8 paired to a Turbo-Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission, power steering and power disc brakes and a dual exhaust system, which likely lets the small block express itself with a throaty rumble.

We’re all for the era-indicative two-tone red and white paint scheme – there are far too many restorations out there that are finished with modern metallic colors that just don’t fit – and although the restoration is apparently several years old, it’d be hard to tell from the condition visible in the listing photos. No word from the seller if the repaint is in the original color, but we feel that the originality isn’t all that important anymore considering all the mods. The white aftermarket steel wheels with period hubcaps look amazing and provide an aggressive stance when mounted with wide off-road tires.

The interior has been redone with silver upholstery and the sheet metal has been painted silver and white. This Suburban has a third-row bench seat that provides seating for eight and features black vinyl flooring.

Prices for these types of builds vary greatly depending on the quality of the restoration and modifications, and while this one looks to have been well built we’d like to get some more info before making an offer. Regardless, these fifth gen Suburbans don’t come up for sale very often and we think the seller’s asking price is justified if everything checks out.

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