Cool Cyan Christine: Show-Winning 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

  • November 23, 2020
Why We Like It

Arriving for 1959 as Plymouth’s top-level series, the Sport Fury was Chrysler division’s performance-oriented model and available only as a 2-door Hardtop and Convertible. Fury styling is a study in postwar “Jet Age” design themes, including prominent tailfins, a bold eggcrate-style grille, hooded headlamps, and flamboyant color combinations – all suggestive of power and prestige at an attractive price point. Bucket style front seats that swivel when the doors open only heighten the Sport Fury experience – like swinging into a cockpit. Propulsion comes from the standard 260hp 318ci V8, all the way up to the 305hp “Super Commando” 361ci mill. Despite its size, the Sport Fury delivers surprisingly good road holding for the era, with a renowned suspension that was the fruit of Chrysler’s engineering wizards. The Fury was also one of the last designs for Chrysler penned by legendary stylist Virgil Exner. Over the past few decades, the late-1950s Fury has also been integral to popular culture, thanks primarily to Stephen King’s bestselling novel Christine and the iconic movie featuring a possessed Fury with an evil attitude.

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Retaining the numbers matching 318ci V8 engine and pushbutton Torqueflite automatic transmission with only 2k miles of use since rebuild, this 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury 2-Door Hardtop is refreshing in two-tone Mint Green and Iceberg White, and thankfully it’s never suffered the indignity of a Christine tribute red repaint. Equipped with power steering and brakes, a new dual exhaust system, air shocks and a new gas tank, this Fury is advertised as a solid, rust-free California car, bought new at San Fernando Plymouth. The seller also advises the laser-straight body retains the original floors and trunk pan. Other notable highlights include dual sport mirrors, fender skirts, dual antennae, floor mats and new whitewall tires. The interior is a particular point of pride, being fully restored in correct patterns and colors with the swiveling front bucket seats protected under clear plastic covers. The seller’s claims that the car never fails to draw attention seem entirely accurate and its been a star at regional shows while under the current dR34cfwGeMc 0CI0t2 1200x900

cool-cyan-christine-show-winning-1959-plymouth-sport-fury00s0s 1yeGU914lEZ 0CI0t2 1200x900Christine aside, the 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury carries an awesome presence with ample power and style to match. Predictably, Sport Fury convertibles carry a premium over the very stylish hardtops, but the price gulf between the two is remarkably extreme, and the coupes offer an incredible amount of enjoyment for the money. Regardless, our subject 318ci/260hp 1959 Sport Fury Hardtop is valued by Hagerty from $15k+ for a #4 condition driver, $22k for a good #3, $31k for an excellent #2, and $46k for a #1 concours-level example. As offered, this one is priced a little higher than a #2 car and looks to be very well maintained, with perhaps some scope left for chassis detailing to elevate it further. Presenting nicely, it proudly represents a forward-looking more optimistic time in American culture, helping convince us that it’s certainly worth the premium.

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