Coolest Cop Car: 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS B4C Special Service ‘Police’ Package 5-Speed

  • September 01, 2020
Why We Like It

To be honest, we didn’t know much about ’92 B4C Camaro Police cars before this one popped up in our inbox today, but it quickly won over our team and we’ve since sent it to a handful of our friends with unconventional taste and disposable cash in the hopes that one of them is lucky enough to snatch this lean, mean, RADwood-worthy machine. Two very important things stood out during our research: 1.) this is apparently one of only five known third generation B4C Camaros that were not sold to law enforcement or law enforcement vendors (meaning the car hasn’t been thoroughly thrashed), and 2.) the B4C Camaros were reportedly clocked at 170mph top speed when new, making them the fastest domestic police cars ever built!

coolest-cop-car-1992-chevrolet-camaro-rs-b4c-special-service-police-package74381935-770-0@2XOne thing that is slightly disappointing is that this one was ordered with the LB9 305ci 5.0L instead of the 350ci 5.7L L98, but it’s thankfully a factory 5-speed where most others are auto. It is also equipped with the highly desirable 1LE performance package, which includes an aluminum driveshaft, baffled fuel tank, unique shock absorbers, stiffer suspension bushings and a plain front fascia without fog lamps, making them instantly recognizable to the trained eye. Another unexpectedly rare and sought-after feature on this car is wind up windows and manual door locks because they apparently allow for a solid, firm door closure whereas the extra electronics create a loud, loose and clunky effect.

Condition-wise, this car looks absolutely fantastic and original from bumper to bumper, from the sumptuous red paint to the flawless cloth interior. We could go on and on about how cool these ultra-rare Camaros are, but we better shut up and check to see if any of our buddies have scheduled an inspection. We see comparable Z28s sell for similar pricing, and we’d argue the performance upgrades, rarity and condition make this one a shoe-in for any third gen Camaro aficionado.

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