Courtly Cordoba: 37k-Mile 1977 Chrysler Cordoba

  • March 22, 2021
The Rundown
  • One-Owner Car w/ 37k Miles
  • Seemingly Mint Condition
  • 400ci V8 Engine
  • 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Original Tires
  • Well-Optioned
Why We Like It

The Chrysler Cordoba is one of those legendary cars that made a name for itself out of nothing – it was absolutely astonishing because it came out of nowhere, and yet, it became one of the biggest success stories of the automotive industry. Where other personal luxury vehicles like the Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass, and Mercury Cougar all cut their teeth in the 1960s by blending muscle car performance with sophisticated luxury, the Cordoba hit the scene like a college marketing project. How to make something out of nothing. It worked for Seinfeld, too, but that’s another story.

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courtly-cordoba-37k-mile-1977-chrysler-cordoba00a0a lkD7IiodEVkz 0x20oM 1200x900Showing just 37k miles from new and just one caring owner, this particular Cordoba seems to be in remarkable condition – the body, paint, and vinyl quarter roof all in seemingly excellent condition, and the seller states that the car is without rust, having spent the majority of its life in a climate-controlled garage. The interior is as inviting as a lounge, shrouded in a dreamy blue motif of cloth upholstery, dripping with a baroque elegance that was the call of the day. Riding on the original tires, the seller admits that they’re obviously way past their prime and need to be replaced, but it’s a testament to the low-mile originality of the car. We hope that the next owner replaces them with proper medium band whitewalls, cleaning and storing the originals appropriately. Equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, AM/FM/8-track stereo system, power steering, and power brakes, the seller says everything works like the day it was built. Under the hood is the 400ci V8 engine linked to the venerable 727 3-speed automatic transmission. The “Lean Burn” computer system was always fairly problematic; however, the seller says everything is working fine here. Given the overall condition and miles, we see little reason to disagree. While we’d love to see the Cordoba with power windows, power locks, and the famous Corinthian Leather upholstery, we applaud this one for its overall condition. The originality and cleanliness are extraordinary, inspiring even.

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Valuation Verdict

Highly original, very well kept, and one of those vehicles that defined an era, the Chrysler Cordoba is evolving among enthusiasts as a great throwback to the malaise days where style ruled over substance. The Cordoba knocked that out of the park, and this low-mile survivor drips of that faux luxury that some people cringe about but also loves – it’s equipped with the 400ci V8, an 8-track, air conditioning, and the seller says everything works like it should. Finding an original, well-kept Cordoba is a challenge, especially one as nice as this. While it’s not chump change, we feel it might be worth the premium to snap this luxurious ’70s icon up – after all, where and when will another one like it emerge?

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