Dammit Jim: 47k-Mile 1978 GMC Sierra Classic 2500 Camper Special

  • March 05, 2021
The Rundown
  • 47k Original Miles
  • 350ci Small Block V8 (175hp & 275 ft-lb Torque)
  • “Wideside” Long-Bed Pickup
  • Camper Special
  • Gentleman Jim package
  • Extensive Factory Interior & Exterior Brightwork
Why We Like It

What a unicorn we have here, with GMC’s range topper C/K pickup. All the available data says Gentleman Jim packaged rigs were limited to the 1975 model year and 2,500 production units. Let’s call this one out as a loving tribute? Perhaps they ordered some NOS Gentleman Jim decals on eBay and had it their way. Regardless, this truck doesn’t need some fabricated marketing and over the top swank to remain relevant. The Sierra Classic was the best you could get, offering brushed aluminum appliques on the dash and door cards, with a matching tramp stamp on the tailgate out back. The two-tone double down brown paint was framed by real chrome trim, none of today’s fake shiny plastic to be found here, and the honest materials are truly refreshing. The carpet was more luxurious, and the door pulls more ornate compared to lower models, but the head scratcher here is the omission of power windows. The original owner must have gotten burned by some bad electric window regulators in a past life, or just enjoyed the workout, either way we know that “a la carte” build sheet came in handy!

dammit-jim-47k-mile-1978-gmc-sierra-classic-2500-camper-special00o0o j9dWLAEXVPlz 0CI0t2 1200x900

dammit-jim-47k-mile-1978-gmc-sierra-classic-2500-camper-special00Z0Z 6vMUqjtrYJsz 0CI0t2 1200x900Another stand out feature found on this subject Sierra is the Camper Special package, tailor made for those cabover slide-in RV style backpacks. The shocks are rated for higher loads (8200 lb G.V.W. in this case) and paired with longer beds. The chrome plated tie down anchors on the outer sections of the bed could assist with mating the two, and electrical ports were installed for connecting to your temporary residence. The teepee insignia could offend some folks, so tread lightly, or if you’re the insensitive type, just park next to a Jeep Comanche so you don’t look as bad. Who are we kidding, you’re a gentleman, right Jim? From the seller’s description, there aren’t any glaring faults, the bench seats have some splits, and the tailgate has some scuffs, but otherwise squeaky clean. There’s a healthy dose of simple American character baked into this machine, and we think it’s ready and willing to live out those Marlboro man fantasies (or cruise to the local Cars & Coffee).

dammit-jim-47k-mile-1978-gmc-sierra-classic-2500-camper-special00000 fSR84cyhjUXz 0CI0t2 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

Classic pickup values are steaming ahead like a Mack truck, especially those from the ‘70s and ‘80s. This has been a steady trend the last couple years and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down. The cabin fever of late may be impacting this, but also the knock-on effect of all things #RADwood. Here are a couple comparable listings to help triangulate ol’ Jimbo here: a completed Bring a Trailer auction had a lot of similar traits and sold for $19,250, but the 4x4 system explains part of the discrepancy. This one is in similar survivor condition, though missing many bells and whistles, and it sold at the other end of the spectrum for $13k. Hagerty’s price guide shows that #3 good trucks are fetching $12,600. Considering the mileage and originality, you better call soon if you hope to have any chance of snagging this vintage hauler. Sounds like the seller needs to make room, we say well bought if you can make it happen!

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