Don’t Call Me a Dune Buggy: 9k-Mile 2016 Ariel Nomad Tactical Edition

  • April 05, 2021
The Rundown
  • The First Nomad Sold Publicly in North America
  • Driven by a Top Gear Presenter for a Drivetribe Video
  • Just 9k Seller-Stated Miles
  • Potent 230hp, Honda K24 2.4L I-VTEC 4-Cylinder Engine
  • 6-Speed Close-Ratio Gearbox w/Aluminum Case
  • Priced From $92K New
  • Extreme On/Off Road Performer
Why We Like It

Just when we think we’ve seen it all at, along comes the Ariel Nomad. Outwardly similar to the Atom, Ariel’s virtual F1 car for the road, the Nomad is purpose-built for extreme performance on and off the road. Engineered from the ground up with function over form, the Nomad nonetheless is beautiful in its simplicity and readiness to deliver a stunning experience wherever you should choose to drive it. The 'Tactical Edition' takes the experience to another level with increased ground clearance and specific tires for maximum off-road performance. Specifications read like those for a full competition exotic car, including Honda’s I-VTEC 2.4L DOHC engine, delivering 230hp, while feeding a 6-speed close-ratio gearbox with aluminum case and hydraulic clutch setup. The chassis and integral roll cage are stout stuff, being made of Bronze-welded steel tubes with aluminum bulkheads and a rugged powder-coated finish. For the sake of brevity, every system of the Nomad (and this Nomad Tactical) are built for maximum performance, durability, and reliability. Priced from $92k when new, the 'Nomad Tactical' is nothing less than a game-changing on/off road machine that will never go unnoticed.

dont-call-me-a-dune-buggy-9k-mile-2016-ariel-nomad-tactical-edition00w0w ytsjJ7WoINz 1320MM 1200x900

dont-call-me-a-dune-buggy-9k-mile-2016-ariel-nomad-tactical-edition00P0P 5yeDYtyeYAOz 1320MM 1200x900Our subject Ariel Nomad Tactical Edition comes to market with only 9k miles of use and according to the seller, it's the first one sold here by Ariel North America. When new, it came with eight choice factory-available options in addition to its bonkers basic equipment and specification. The seller also states the vehicle is street legal in California and that it was used by a Top Gear presenter for a Drivetribe video covering this wild Ariel model, which is capable of 0-60 mph acceleration in just 3.4 seconds, en route to a 125-mph top speed.

dont-call-me-a-dune-buggy-9k-mile-2016-ariel-nomad-tactical-edition00b0b 2mUOt1B8juhz 1320MM 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

According to the manufacturer, the Nomad Tactical Edition carries a $92k starting price. This one is very well optioned and carries the distinction of being the first one sold here by Ariel North America. Keeping it simple, this awesome “first-of” Nomad Tactical Edition is likely the ultimate fun machine. Best of all, at the seller’s asking price, it also represents a significant bargain, well under the cost when new for such a rare and highly-optioned vehicle.

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