From When Nissan Was Datsun: 1978 Datsun 280Z 2+2 5-Speed

  • March 15, 2021
The Rundown
  • Nissan 2.8L SOHC Gasoline Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
  • 149hp, 144 lb-ft of Torque
  • 0-60 mph in 8.2 Seconds, 120-125 mph Top-Speed
  • 58k Original Miles Stated
  • RWD, 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Among Japan’s Most Sought After Sports Cars
Why We Like It

Think of the original Datsun 240Z as Nissan’s “transistorized” version of the Jaguar E-Type, and it was a smash hit when it came to market for model year 1970. It’s sporty and stylish, with that long hood and tightly tapered hatchback rear deck. The hearty, smooth inline 6-cylinder engine up front was another nod to the great Brit, plus the affordable Datsun boasted great performance, dependable reliability, and solid build quality. This original gen-Z body style ran through model year 1978, and although originally only offered as a 2-seater, the handier 2+2 came along mid-stream. As heavier bumpers and more stringent emission control measures took their toll on performance, the engine was upsized a bit, resulting in the 2.6L 260Z, and finally the 2.753L version dubbed 280Z. These cars still perform well, are fun to drive, and parts and service for them is no problem.

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from-when-nissan-was-datsun-1978-datsun-280z-2-2-5-speed00a0a gzYqUB5niUhz 0CI0t2 1200x900We like what we’re seeing with this one: It appears to be in solid, largely original condition, and clean enough, although it needs a good detail. The owner has replaced the factory electromechanical fuel injection with a modern, computerized aftermarket injection system, and while normally the more original, the better, we submit that this upgrade doesn’t hurt the car’s value and makes it a better, more powerful, more reliable driver. The groovy root beer brown metallic paint is totally ‘70s-tastic and a very popular color when the car was new. Bonus points for it being a 5-speed manual, and also for still wearing the original steel wheels and factory Z hubcaps (so many of these were tossed away for a round of those ubiquitous aluminum slot-mags that every early Z seems to wear). Uber collector types will poo-poo this being a 280 model, not a 240, and also for the 2+2 bodystyle, instead of the “purer” 2-seater, but these factors make this car a tad more practical, and a lot less expensive to buy.

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Valuation Verdict

You won’t buy a similar, low mile 240Z within double or triple this asking price, so that alone adds appeal and value for money. Hagerty rates a #2 excellent ’78 2+2 at up to $20,700, and a merely good #3 car at $6,800. Given this car’s overall originality, great colors, 5-speed stick, and claimed daily driver reliability, we think the ask is deep in the heart of Fair Market.

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