Get Your Kicks w/ This E36: 58k-Mile 1996 BMW M3 Coupe 5-Speed

  • April 02, 2021
The Rundown
  • 58k-Miles on the Digital Odometer
  • Delicious Hellrot Red w/ Black Leather Interior
  • 3.2L Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Sport Seats
  • Recently Serviced
Why We Like It

There is something seriously magical about the E36 M3 – especially with a manual transmission. BMW took the already astonishingly agile 3-Series and added a bit of wheelbase and width, a little weight, and made a more comfortable vehicle overall. So, when the M-Wand was waved over it, the result was nothing short of incredible. Enthusiasts everywhere raved over the linear power band, the seemingly limitless ability to tame curves and corners, the sheer balance, and the livable nature of the E36 M3 – it’s a car that could thrash the track all day Saturday and take out a date later than night after a quick wash. Haters dwelled on the heavier curb weight and larger overall size in comparison to the E30 M3, but it didn’t matter much – devotees to the E30 were devoted to the E30, and what a shame for them. Because, yes, the E36 is heavier, but that’s about the only complaint lodged against it. And with the new engine, it really doesn’t matter – the chassis handles the weight in stride, and while maybe the E30 M3 handles a bit better, overall, it’s usually agreed the E36 M3 is a more fulfilling car, a vehicle you could use in various instances and not just running around a racetrack.

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get-your-kicks-w-this-e36-58k-mile-1996-bmw-m3-coupe-5-speed00909 3OGkLMs6hqAz 0t20CI 1200x900All that said, this one ticks a lot of boxes – it’s Hellrot Red with black interior (which we love), it’s got the 5-speed manual transmission (which is necessary), it’s not modified (phew!), and it’s only seen 58k-miles from new. With a healthy service history, this one is ready to roll! The hardtop coupe is a great way to go, and this one has the power sliding steel sunroof, so there’s open top action when needed, and the power window regulators have thankfully both been replaced. The paint looks spectacular, and the trim and lenses look equally as impressive. Inside, the slightest wear is beginning to appear on the driver’s seat, but we think it can be corrected with the right techniques and materials, leaving the interior looking ever so 1996 all over again. The M3 also continues to astonish in the value scale, they raise quickly and aggressively. The E30 showed us that first, but we’re seeing the E36s warming up too – while more E36 M3s were built overall, in coupe, convertible, and sedan, they’ll take a while to achieve the numbers seen by the E30, we guess, but don’t anticipate any disappointments in the future.

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Valuation Verdict

There are E36 M3s for sale all over the interwebs, most with automatic transmissions, most in mundane colors like white, black, or silver, and when the occasional yellow or blue one pop up, they bring a premium. Find a yellow or blue one with a manual trans, and the price goes up again. But the Hellrot Red? Hard to find. Hellrot with a manual? Good luck. We’re not saying it’s the Holy Grail, but very close. We’ve seen a couple higher mileage examples sell at auction recently in the $25k range, and thanks to the overall condition, manual trans, color, lower miles, and stack of records to examine, this one seems worth every bit of premium that might be interpreted in the price, but we’ll still call it ‘Fair Market’.

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