Heavy Metal: Big-Block 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Sport Coupe 4-Speed

  • February 25, 2021
The Rundown
  • Chevrolet 396ci Gasoline V8 Engine
  • 400hp (est), 360 lb-ft of Torque (est)
  • 0-60 mph in 6.0 Seconds (est), 145-150 mph Top-Speed (est)
  • RWD, 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Genuine SS Model, Mild Restomod
Why We Like It

Model year 1967 is a Chevelle muscle car favorite as it’s the final and sportiest looking version of the body style launched in 1964. The Chevelle was Chevy’s do-it-all mid-sizer, which you could get in grandma six-cylinder form, or with a wide variety of V8 engines and body style choices, including a 4-door sedan, two different 2-door coupes, a station wagon, or El Camino ute. The SS equipment and appearance option could also be had with a variety of powertrains and several body styles, as well. They’re nice to drive, can be spec’d economical or full-on gas-sucking muscle car, and straightforward to work on and restore with considerable aftermarket parts support. Besides their intrinsic value as a collectible machine, there’s always a ready market for mid-sized, mid-‘60s Chevy muscle.

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heavy-metal-big-block-1967-chevrolet-chevelle-ss-sport-coupe-4-speed00202 l7y3amv4KYRz 0CI0t2 1200x900This one has a lot to recommend it, as well as a few things to consider and compare to your personal taste. It presents as a genuine “138 code” SS, wears SS396 badges, and sports a quite proper looking 396ci Big-Block V8 engine (with a little extra bling) under hood, while the 4-speed manual trans is also a plus. The overall theme is slightly resto-mod with a generally stock vibe – the non-original silver/green paint looks sharp enough, as does the commonly optioned black vinyl top. The engine has been mildly hopped up with Hooker headers, 3-inch exhaust and Flowmaster style mufflers, plus an MSD ignition. The owner states that the factory clock and tach work, and that aftermarket tubular control arms and disc brakes have been added/converted up front, plus the car suffers no rust or rot – that undercarriage is a sight to behold!

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Valuation Verdict

Hagerty rates a #1 concours condition car at $72,200 and a #2 excellent example at $52,500, with a #3 good piece at $44,900 for a factory stock/original example with the 325hp 396ci engine. There’s plenty of bandwidth for negotiation up and down the originality, condition and no rust scales here. The car’s condition and presentation appear to be of solid quality with a generally factory vibe along with smart mods indicate that the asking price is solidly in the fair market window. If you like the mods, just drive and enjoy; if you want to return it to 100% factory stock, there’s room to do that as well!

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