High-Quality Hauler: 33k-Mile 1994 Ford F-250 Extended Cab Pickup

  • April 27, 2021
The Rundown
  • Exceptionally Clean & Nice Condition
  • Just 33k Miles of Use!
  • Versatile Extended Cab/Long Cargo Bed
  • Very Attractive 2-Tone Color Combination
  • Top Available 460ci V8 Engine
  • Automatic Transmission w/ Overdrive
  • Well Equipped w/ Choice Options & Accessories
Why We Like It

Positioned in between the ½-Ton F-150 and 1-Ton F-350 pickup lines, Ford’s F-250 delivers a useful ¾-Ton load capacity and a wide array of engine and drivetrain options. Designed for hard work and severe duty in often forbidding conditions, most of these tough Ford haulers performed trouble-free, yeoman-like service and most were used and abused until they finally expired.

high-quality-hauler-33k-mile-1994-ford-f-250-extended-cab-pickup00909 efCbT50lGwSz 0CI0t2 1200x900Our subject F-250 is a rare exception, being offered with under 33k seller-stated miles and in amazingly well-preserved condition, indicative of responsible adult use. Part of the capability of this F-250 comes from its top-shelf 7.5L (460ci) V8 engine, matched to a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission delivering surprising load handling and even reasonable fuel mileage, assuming judicious use of your right foot. The seller advises they purchased this rig from the original owner and then had it returned to roadworthiness – sounds like it was stored or not used for some time. But according to them the truck runs and drives great, and everything works. It’s registered and just passed smog and has ice-cold A/C, plus brand-new wheels and tires. Judging from the online photos, it looks super clean and there likely aren’t many others as nice anywhere today.

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Valuation Verdict

With less than 33k miles and handsomely finished, exceptionally clean and well-presented throughout, our subject F-250 is a wonderfully preserved example that belies its 27 years of age from new. Being so well kept, it should deliver plenty more miles and usefulness in its future. If you need or even think you need a pickup, why would you pay $60k-$70k+ for a new one, when this very capable and handsome F-250 will more than do the trick at a far lower and very affordable price point? This truck will generate plenty of admiration everywhere you go with it, to boot. All things considered, we must declare it very ‘Well Bought’ at the seller’s asking price!

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