Late-Production All-Road Icon: 1991 Range Rover Classic SWB

  • December 04, 2020
Why We Like It

Designed and developed during the late 1960s in extreme secrecy, the first Range Rover was based on the Velar concept vehicle first shown in 1969, with its name translated from Italian as “veil” or “cover.” Featuring Land Rover’s legendary off-road capability, the more luxurious, on/off-road Range Rover was proven by 26 prototypes, also badged “Velar.” The first production Range Rovers were available in 1970 in a 3-door body style and innovations included permanent 4-wheel drive, a split tailgate, clamshell-type hood, and soon-to-be iconic bodylines with a continuous beltline from front to rear. The 3-door would be the sole Range Rover body style until a 4-door version was introduced for 1981, and Range Rovers built through 1996 are collectively recognized by marque enthusiasts as the “Range Rover Classic.” Rover’s excellent Buick-derived V8 engine delivered power throughout Classic production, with carburetors until 1986 and fuel injection thereafter. The original 3.5-liter displacement continued through 1989, followed by two increases culminating in 4.2 liters by 1992.

late-production-all-road-icon-1991-range-rover-classic-swb01616 drvFH9JPKxo 0q80hq 1200x900This 1991 Range Rover Classic SWB is fresh to market with a clean California title and 228k seller-declared original miles. Choice updates include custom Tartan upholstery, 2" Terra Firma lift kit, Defender steel wheels with BFG Baja Champion MT tires (265/75R16), and a respray in the factory color, described by the seller as having some overspray here and there, but presenting nicely overall. They also state the Range Rover starts, runs, ands drives great with no leaks and everything working with the exception of the cruise control feature. They also advise that over $3,500 in receipts for recent service, repairs, and maintenance work are on hand. They also advise there are a few quirks – to be expected of a 30-year old modern classic, for an honest sale offering, including a listing of them.

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Throughout the 26-year Classic Range Rover production run and ever since then, these true modern icons have been virtual fixtures worldwide, from the polo field to the shopping center. Today, quality examples are in high demand as highly usable, high-end vehicles with irreplaceable cachet and purposeful looks that only improve with the passage of time. Bring a Trailer’s auction activity for the Classic Range Rover has ramped up considerably from 2016 to 2020, with prices ranging widely from under $5k to $45k. The seller’s honest presentation of our subject car and modest asking price lend confidence, including a willingness to discuss select trades. They don’t need to sell but are looking to change things up a bit – a fair and reasonable expectation, indeed. Therefore, we think this later-model SWB Land Rover Classic is a strong buy and will be well-bought in hindsight.

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