Lightly Used, Never Abused: 28k-Mile 2008 Porsche Cayman 6-Speed

  • February 26, 2021
The Rundown
  • Low, 28k Seller-Stated Miles
  • Base Cayman w/ Cayman S Exhaust & Wheels
  • Premium Atlas Grey Metallic Paint
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • New Tires, No Wheel Blemishes
Why We Like It

Porsche introduced the Cayman in 2006 as a coupe compliment to the Boxster roadster. People immediately pit it against the 911 Carrera, and wondered why not just spend the extra money and get the real thing? Ah, the snobbery that every non-911 Porsche seems to face. But the Cayman and Boxster both grew into their own performance livery, defending their right to bear the Porsche crest, proving their salt as performance machines, and developing their own following. Cayman and Boxster have matured very well, almost ignoring 911 and building on their own attributes. This earlier example is presented in a great color combination and has been fitted with the lighter, more stylish Cayman S wheels and exhaust system and seems to be impeccably well kept.

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lightly-used-never-abused-28k-mile-2008-porsche-cayman-6-speed01313 cIi590RUOVxz 0CI0sV 1200x900For sale by the original owner, this 2008 Cayman is said to have been a pampered weekend car that’s always been garaged and retains its brand-new appearance. By the post and pictures, we’re hard pressed to argue – the paint is stunning, the color alone enough to spark conversations, but the reflection, depth, and clarity all seem to be brilliant as well. The Cayman S wheels look stellar, their painted metallic silver finish likewise looking brand new, wrapped with tires that are said to have only travelled about 1k miles, and the car itself only has 28k miles from new. The interior is tan throughout with silver details and looks showroom fresh, and of course, there’s the 5-speed manual transmission. While Porsche’s automatic is fantastic and one of the fastest gear changers available, there is something truly classic and engaging about a real manual transmission with a clutch.

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Valuation Verdict

The Porsche Caymen is a funny breed on the market – they’re really all over the board, but we’re seeing prices rise along with their popularity. Of course, the better examples show the most interest and gains, but even higher mileage specimens can command a healthy premium. That said, this Cayman isn’t an S, it’s a base model, but it’s seemingly in mint condition, and because of the rare color combination and the manual transmission, we’ll call it fair market at just below the asking price.

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