Low Mile Disco Era City Porsche: 8k-Mile 1978 Porsche 924 4-Speed

  • January 14, 2021
Why We Like It

Moving into the new era, Porsche introduced the front-engine, rear-drive 924 Coupe to replace the aging (but still fun) 914. The 924 would be safer, more accommodating, more modern, and more comfortable in many ways. It would also get a lot of laughs. Built by Volkswagen and sporting a VW inline 4-cylinder engine with a Porsche-designed head and an Audi transmission adapted to serve as a transaxle, the car and Porsche took a lot of flack and feedback from the press and enthusiasts alike – it simply didn’t move or act like a Porsche, not even the 914. At least that car is light, lithe, and really agile – it’s a real bona fide sportscar, but this quasi-GT just wasn’t cutting the kraut. The idea was there – front engine, rear trans, aerodynamic body, comfortable interior, ample cargo room – but it simply lacked performance. Through the years, the 924 was shoved into the shadows, often with the 914, in favor of the more powerful and capable 944, but even that car was considered only mild relief from the 924, people absolutely preferring the 928 and, of course, the hallowed 911. But today, the 924 might be getting the last laugh. Especially this one.

Low Mile Disco Era City Porsche: 8k-Mile 1978 Porsche 924 4-Speed<br>
00909 3A1Arw0Rn2s 0lM0t2 1200x900With only 7,958 original miles, this ’78 924 presents well in absolutely exquisite condition. Our dark sense of humor rises up and wonders if the two owners from new were just too embarrassed to drive it much – but that’s unfair and just a little mean, even if it was popular to bash these cars back in the day. Finding an original like this is truly a discovery of epic proportions – when was the last time you saw a mint condition 924, let alone one that was virtually brand new? And, it’s black on black with black-centered wheels. And, by the pictures, the paint and body are immaculate, with no signs of ripples or dings or dents to be found. Arrive at a show or cruise-in with this 924, and attention shall be yours. Interestingly, the interior, which is said to be flawless, a claim we agree with given the pictures, is a non-leather example paired with a leather steering wheel. Strange, right? But it’s a 924, so it might just be par for the course, and couple the odd leather-no leather thing with the fact that it has a power antenna and is a factory radio delete car, and it just gets really weird. It was the tail end of the ‘70s, so maybe that has something to do with it.

It also has power windows and air conditioning, and the little 90 hp engine is buckled up to a 4-speed manual transmission. The seller further says this is an early ‘78 model, hence the 4-speed (not the 5-speed), but it also received CIS fuel injection, a catalytic converter, and removing the previous emissions equipment thankfully boosted the horsepower to 110. The timing belt and water pump were replaced around 5,600 miles and the car is said to perform beautifully, while everything functions as if it were 1978 all over again. Even the undercoating was applied back when it was new.Low Mile Disco Era City Porsche: 8k-Mile 1978 Porsche 924 4-Speed<br>
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Low Mile Disco Era City Porsche: 8k-Mile 1978 Porsche 924 4-Speed<br>
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To be sold with the owner’s manual, service book, two master keys, a glove box key, a plaque with the first owner’s name, an unused spare tire, and a tool kit, it’s an extremely original and honest investment grade example of an early 924. It even retains the factory break-in procedure sticker on the front windshield. But is it worth the asking price? According to its results on PCarMarket just four days ago, the answer is a resounding no, as it failed to meet reserve with bidding topped out at $14,500. On the other hand, Hagerty puts a #1 example at $30k, but we think somewhere in the middle of those two prices would be fair for this low mile, triple black stunner.

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