Luxurious Grand Touring: 52k-Mile 1967 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series II

  • March 16, 2021
The Rundown
  • Complete, Numbers-Matching Ferrari
  • Believed to be 53k Original Miles
  • Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows
  • Solid, Rust-Free Example
  • Recently Serviced
  • Classic Color Combo
Why We Like It

Only in the last twenty years has the big 330 Ferrari begun catching the fancy of collectors and enthusiasts, and frankly we wonder why it took so long. Prior to that, it was a sort of behemoth Ferrari, a big, four-seater coupe made for grand touring, long distances, and comfort over speed, although that’s not to say it’s slow…not by a longshot. These were the cars driven by executives and captains of industry who wanted something as distinctive as a Ferrari, but for mature audiences only – a Ferrari driven by a person who would finance a race team, not pretend like they were a race car driver. Case in pont: Enzo Ferrari himself drove one.


luxurious-grand-touring-52k-mile-1967-ferrari-330gt-2-2-series-ii77966732-770-0@2XThis one is sweet – it’s got a patina to it that says it’s been around, but not necessarily abused. Claimed to have covered a mere 53k original miles, we can’t tell (and the owner doesn’t say) if it’s sporting factory original paint and interior, but it’s just worn enough to appear that way. The silver still shines, just a little less than it once did; the Borani wire wheels and other brightwork pieces are dulling a tad, but the car wears it so well. The interior is red, which contrasts beautifully with the silver exterior, giving it an elegant aggression tempered by conservative yet edgy design with nicely appropriated wood elements, like the original steering wheel. Equipped with power steering, power windows, and power 4-wheel disc brakes, it also was also equipped with air conditioning from the factory, but apparently the first owner unfortunately removed it.

Powered by a numbers-matching 4.0L V12 engine with three Weber carburetors, its 300 prancing horses are channeled to the back wheels via 5-speed manual transmission. With a live rear axle and independent front suspension, the car handles in a more classic style than feeling race ready. But it’s not really about racing through the canyons, but rather, enjoying the drive and having the power to move along when necessary while making a statement, an arrival whenever and wherever the 330GT may be. Nicely, the seller says the clutch master and slave cylinders have been replaced, and the car has enjoyed a relatively extensive tune up to get it operating properly.luxurious-grand-touring-52k-mile-1967-ferrari-330gt-2-2-series-ii73693572-770-0@2X


Valuation Verdict

This 1967 Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Series II is priced at the lower end of the market, which is understandable given the light patina and sketchy service history outside of a major tune up. Don’t kid yourself – the least expensive Ferrari can quickly turn into the most expensive one, so be sure the seller has lots of service receipts. But, if it’s as honest a car as the post and pictures makes it out to be, we’ll call it fair market and potentially well bought. It might cost a few bucks to bring up to the next level but it seems well worth it – the market has embraced the larger Ferraris and won’t likely slow down.

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Maybe not as pretty as a 250 or 275, but it's still a 1960's Ferrari. At the asking price I'd say it's a solid investment. Keep the mileage low and maintain it properly and it could be worth quite a bit more in a few years.
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