Luxurious Lounge on Wheels: 53k-Mile 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Custom Biarritz Classic

  • March 16, 2021
The Rundown
  • 1 of 2,000 Limited Editions
  • 1 of 475 w/ Factory Astroroof
  • Last Year for the Full-Size Eldorado
  • 53k Owner Stated Miles
Why We Like It

To commemorate the final full-size Eldorado, Cadillac Division introduced the glamorous Custom Biarritz Classic very late in the model year. The Custom Biarritz Classic was identical to the Custom Biarritz, with the exception of two-tone pillowed leather interior in Light Beige and Dark Saddle, Dark Beige Leather steering wheel jacket, two-tone exterior finish in Arizona Beige with Demitasse Brown Metallic accent on hood, doors, and roof, Dark Brown accent striping, and gold-plated "Biarritz" script on the sail panel and deck lid. These cars are massive: a 1978 Eldorado in base trim has a wheelbase of 126.3 inches, weighs 4,906 pounds, and has an overall width of 224.1 inches. Most of these cars are fully loaded with options, and this one is no exception, however, this one is one of only 475 equipped with an Astroroof sunroof, adding an extra amount of extravagance to one of the most opulent cars of the era.


luxurious-lounge-on-wheels-53k-mile-1978-cadillac-eldorado-custom-biarritz77519236-770-0@2XThis is a Florida car, and according to the seller, it has spent its entire life in a garage, is rust free, solid and runs strong with no mechanical issues. The seller also mentions that he has replaced the exhaust system and starter. These cars are a pleasure to drive – smooth and quiet, sitting on the supple leather seats, the driver is totally isolated from the road, and the rest of the world for that matter, having been produced when no road-feel whatsoever was touted as a virtue.


Valuation Verdict

Prices for 1978 Eldorados vary. The NADA value guide gives a value of $15,050, while Hagerty insurance lists a perfect car at $40k and an excellent one at $21k, and auction results show a value range of $16k to $47,500. None of these prices are specific to the limited-edition Custom Biarritz model like the one offered here, leading is to declare that the asking price is within fair market value.

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