Maniacal Marquis: 2003 Mercury Marauder Trilogy S/C

  • March 09, 2021
The Rundown
  • Trilogy Supercharger
  • Well Documented Including the Installation of the Supercharger
  • All Black, Inside & Out
  • Seemingly Very Well Kept
Why We Like It

When Mercury reintroduced the Marauder in 2003, it was a breath of fresh air for performance enthusiasts, and it was instantly likened to the Chevrolet Impala of 1994-1996, largely for the imposing size both vehicles carried, the monochromatic finish (usually in black), and classic front V8-rear drive platform. The Marauder packed a healthy punch, thanks to the 300hp, 4.6L, 32v, DOHC Mustang Cobra V8 under the hood, although the high-revving engine and taller rear gearing left some a little jaded at the off-the-line acceleration, or lack of. It was quick, but didn’t have the grunt people expected – it built power and speed with higher revs, making up for time as it moved further down the line.

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maniacal-marquis-2003-mercury-marauder-trilogy-s-c00j0j kQMz4BnXrAM 0CI0t2 1200x900A few customers opted for a Trilogy Supercharger package, which gives the Marauder more spunk out-of-the-hole, and presses power closer to about 380hp. The package looks factory correct under the hood – the styling, fit, and finish of the Trilogy Supercharger were always well regarded. With just a little over 7,000 built, only a small batch were fitted with the Trilogy S/C, and this is one of them. Having covered just over 100k miles, it’s finished in the all-black motif inside and out, and all Marauders are fitted with leather interiors, bucket seats, center consoles, floor shifters, and 17” chrome wheels. In fact, the only options were a rear trunk lid mounted spoiler and moonroof, neither of which were installed on this car. Presenting very nicely, it appears to have been well kept and cared for – the seller says they have all documents dating back to day one, and while it’s got a few miles on the clock, these cars were known for crossing the 300k-mile barrier with ease when well cared for.

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Valuation Verdict

Mercury Marauders represent a largely overlooked performance bargain in the marketplace today. Finding one with low miles isn’t insanely difficult, and finding one that’s been well cared for is pretty simple, but those who knew these cars early on appreciated them and knew what they had. Tracking down one that’s been fitted with the Trilogy Supercharger, now that is a nice treat indeed – the power increase is fabulous and the fit and finish are factory quality. Trilogy-equipped Marauders are a rare bird, and while finding one can be done, it’ll take a bit to find a nicely kept one. All things considered, we think the price on this one is very fair.

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It's a shame they never made these with a manual. I think they're really cool cars, but I'd have to find a 6-speed conversion kit if I wanted to own one.
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