Manual Time Warp: 56k-Mile 1992 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Silverado 4x4 Stepside Pickup 5-Speed

  • March 26, 2021
The Rundown
  • Excellent Maintenance & Presentation
  • Equipped w/ Choice Factory Options
  • Rare & Desirable Getrag 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Wonderful 2-Tone Exterior & Interior
  • Original 292ci, 200hp Thunderbird V8 Engine
  • 3-Speed Manual Transmission w/ Overdrive
  • Includes Build Sheet & Owner’s Manual
Why We Like It

GM’s immensely successful 1973-1987 “Squarebody” pickups were a tough act to follow, but the new series that debuted for 1988 made it look easy with excellent styling and more options than you could shake a stick at. The Silverado remained the top-of-the-line trim and interior option, while 305- and 350ci V8 engines provided ample power, plus the 4-wheel drive option (now called ‘Z71’) stylishly announced with bold graphics at the upper rear extremities of the cargo box. The classic style “stepside” bed returned, but this time with a sleek, unobtrusive and decidedly modern look.

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manual-time-warp-56k-mile-1992-chevrolet-c-k-1500-silverado-4x4-stepside01111 ewqf6b6WbNrz 0x20m1 1200x900Our subject 1992 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Silverado 4X4 is a true standout with its yummy red paint over red velour upholstery and stepside style cargo box, known as an ‘RCSB Sportside’ denoting Regular Cab, Short Bed. Just 55k miles have been covered and the pickup looks far better than that reasonable number might suggest. Features and options are numerous, including a proven 5.7L engine and rare, very desirable Getrag 5-speed manual transmission. According to the seller, the optional A/C runs cold, and the truck is further equipped with power windows and door locks. An honest advertisement and great overall condition make this one a real standout.

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Valuation Verdict

While a veritable multitude of GM pickups of all model years and configurations are usually available at any given time, choice 1990s examples are fairly rare. Given their very nature, many were used hard and thrown away; few, if any, remaining are as attractive and well-equipped as this one. Pickups have traditionally been more popular in certain areas of the country as daily transportation and as working vehicles, but acceptance and use are far more widespread today, with used, well-equipped trucks in stock and customized forms often carrying healthy asking prices. This Zero260 contributor is a lifelong pickup owner and enthusiast, especially interested in Chevrolets. However, it was unknown until today that you could order up a 5-speed manual transmission in the early 1990s. Our subject is a top-of-the-line example that was obviously babied and maintained. While not without some age- and mileage-appropriate blemishes that aren’t of major concern and might even be rectified with some expert attention, this 1992 Chevy pickup looks like a prime example with plenty of life left in it. Accordingly, we’ll call this one ‘Fair-Market’ at the present time.

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