Master of the Road: 63k-Mile 1995 Buick Roadmaster Limited Estate Wagon

  • April 22, 2021
The Rundown
  • 62k Seller-Stated Miles
  • 5.7L, 260hp Chevy Small-Block LT1 V8 Engine
  • Electronically Controlled 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Flowmaster Exhaust
  • 7,000 lb Tow Capacity
  • Last of the Big, Rear-Drive Buicks
  • Second-to-Last Year of Production
Why We Like It

During the early- to mid-1990s, GM decided to send their big platform cars out with a bang in the form of the Cadillac Brougham, Buick Roadmaster, Oldsmobile 98, and Chevrolet Caprice Classic/Impala. Other engines were used in the 1991-1996 GM biggies, but by 1994, a modified 350ci LT1 V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission became the standard of the family. The Roadmaster was Buick’s top-of-the-line luxury liner, so aside from all the leather, there’s also a forest of wood trim, power accessories and amenities, a trick center console, full instrumentation, air conditioning, and a whole lot more. Selling in the low- to mid-$30k range when new, it was a pricey ride indeed. They’re unapologetically huge with long, tall, wide and even bulbous styling. They weren’t for everyone, but they spoke volumes to a few who appreciated the truly full size, rear drive cars this country was built on.

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master-of-the-road-63k-mile-1995-buick-roadmaster-limited-estate-wagon00h0h 6z4cQpLchL2z 0CI0t2 1200x900Today, finding one in decent shape is a little bit of a challenge, but this one seems pretty sharp, albeit packing a few personalized touches. That said, we think the touches are well executed and add to the allure of the car. The vehicle in question, of course, is a 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. Finished in white with the requisite wood applique side panels, the windows have been tinted, 18” 5-spoke polished aluminum Torq Thrust wheels with low-profile tires have been installed, and the chassis has been lowered 2”, giving the ‘Roadie’ a remarkably muscular look. Acres of tan leather swath the interior, which is largely factory issue, except for a tightly installed subwoofer linked to an Alpine stereo with Sirius Satellite Radio. Under the hood, the engine has been treated to a K&N Filtercharger and Flowmaster exhaust, giving it a little more power and a throatier sound. The paint, body, and wood applique on this one look to be impeccable, which sustains through the interior and under the hood. With just over 60k miles, the car likely has a lot of life left in it and a cool factor that edges out a lot of alternatives. Plus, it’s got seating for up to eight people, or plenty of room for just about anything – like a stack of plywood. And they’re getting harder and harder to find in good condition.

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Valuation Verdict

We absolutely love the Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, and just a year ago we were seeing a lot more low-ish mile examples for sale than we do now. They’re drying up out there and this one, despite the personal touches, presents in gorgeous shape, and we love the tasteful performance upgrades. It looks sharp, has a few modern tricks, and an aggressive, performance nature that it wears well. All-in-all, we think this one is ‘Fair Market’, and in the rearview mirror of life, it’ll feel ‘Well Bought’.

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