Mazda’s Acura Challenger: 44k-Mile 1988 Mazda 929

  • April 05, 2021
The Rundown
  • Super Clean & Beautifully Presented
  • First Year for Mazda’s Acura Competitor
  • Stunning, Virtually New Condition
  • Just 44k Seller-Stated Miles
  • Desirable Southern California-Based Vehicle
  • 158hp, 3.0L V6 EFI Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
  • Fully Optioned & Equipped Luxury Model
Why We Like It

This 1988 Mazda 929 is a compelling object lesson in the value of moving quickly when an excellent car is offered for sale at a bargain-level asking price. Super clean and likely more appropriately summarized as stellar and virtually as-new, it hails from the launch model year for Mazda’s elite level rival to the Acura Legend luxury Sedan imported to North America by Honda. While the 929’s styling was conservative to the point of being snooze-worthy, the luxuriously equipped car’s mechanical excellence includes a 158hp, 3.0L fuel-injected V6 engine, fully-independent suspension, and a choice of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission for the initial 1988 model year cars. For all their desirability, pricing was surprisingly affordable and this Zero260 contributor still recalls value conscious and discerning friends and colleagues who gravitated to the 929 and its excellent value for the money when new. Production of the 929 continued with select updates and importation to North America through 1995.

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This amazingly preserved and well-presented 1988 Mazda 929 has sold quickly after it was listed online. This comes as absolutely no surprise, with the car having undergone just 44k miles from new and Californian ownership and use. If could quite possibly be the best car of its kind in existence and with continued loving care, it should provide many more years of enjoyable and very comfortable motoring pleasure with its new owner.

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Valuation Verdict

While not technically recognized as a collector-type car today, the Mazda 929 is a value rich, very well-appointed Japanese sedan with bland styling but sophisticated engineering and mechanicals for a fantastic driving experience fairly reeking of quality and solidity. They were very well-liked when new and will provide a wonderful modern classic experience today, especially this lightly used and beautifully maintained example from the first model year. It was a screaming deal at the seller’s modest asking price and in addition to being exceedingly 'Well Bought', it was offered at just a bump above '$5k All Day' pricing.

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