No Noticeable Negatives on this Nine Eleven: 50k-Mile 1977 Porsche 911 S

  • January 26, 2021
The Rundown

• Less than 50k Miles
• 2.7 liter Flat 6-cylinder Engine
• 5-speed manual gearbox
• One of 3,388 Produced
• New Leather Upholstery Front Sport Seats

Why We Like It

The longevity, styling and performance of the Porsche 911 are all legendary, and Porsche’s perpetual development in design and engineering through each generation has led to success that’s made the more modern iterations downright commonplace. But the ’74 to ‘77 911s – which for years were close to the bottom of the 911 barrel, and consequently were likelier than others to be left to wilt – are far less common, especially when they’re in clean, largely original condition with under 50k miles. This iconic 911S hits the sweet spot in 911 history: refinement and slight modernization of the prior “longhood” 911s yielded an exceptionally great looking car built in an era when not many cars were. They’re nothing jaw dropping from behind the wheel, but visceral, quick, nimble, serviceable, reliable and comfortable are all accurate adjectives.

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no-noticeable-negatives-on-this-nine-eleven-50k-mile-1977-porsche-911-s00v0v 8D3JIh1ibv6z 0CI0t2 1200x900This highly original example checks all the right boxes: classic color scheme, low mileage, well cared for and nicely optioned, (including the highly desirable factory sunroof option and rear wiper), even the original tool roll and spare are still with the car. Pride of ownership is evidenced not only by its outstanding condition, but also by some recent upgrades that include correctly patterned recovered leather sport seats, a completely new exhaust system, new tires, new gas shocks all around, 930-style tie rod ends, electronic ignition, as well as updated valve timing, valve adjustment, resealing valve chain covers and valve covers, plus a new alternator. As 911s go, this presents a perfect balance of originality, factory options and attention to maintenance that will be sure to deliver a very satisfying driver experience for the next lucky owner.

When you look at direct comps on Bring a Trailer, you’ll see a general range between +/- $30-$50k, with somewhat more tired examples on the low end and either nicely restored or very clean rare paint examples on the high. But very few have remotely low original mileage, and in terms of collectability and a likelihood of significant appreciation, that’s always been one of the main determining factors for Porsches. Unless you’re willing to pay a +/-20% additional dealer premium, finding another one like it will be a tall order, so we’re calling this one fair market and doubt it’ll stick around EwXHpMgbeyz 0CI0t2 1200x900

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