Not a Hot Rod: Bone Stock 1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Coupe

  • June 12, 2020
Why We Like It

1930s American coupes are another type of car that we rarely see in an appealing stock configuration, which is why this ’35 Chevy Master Deluxe Coupe was a very welcome sight. Don’t get us wrong, we understand replacing the underpowered 206 cu in. 3.4L inline-6 with a V8, but we also respect the simplicity and “sewing-machine” quality of the factory six, especially considering how infrequently we see them.

We love the timeless sportiness of this coupe: the V-windscreen, torpedo fenders and narrow backward leaning radiator. The sduicide doors (only available in ’35) and rear-mounted spare are a nice touch, too, and the black paint and matching black wheels with polished hubcaps and headlights give it a menacing look with just enough chrome pop.

The owner states that a lot of professional work has recently been completed, including new wiring harness, gas tank, carburetor, clutch, pressure plate and rebuilt transmission, and the car cruises at 55 mph, which is plenty fast when you’re wrapped in so much style. The brown cloth interior looks very well-kept, as does the engine bay and trunk compartment, and the undercarriage is absolutely immaculate with zero rust or signs of rust repair.

We’ve seen a handful of similarly stock ‘30s coupes go for a tad more, but they’re usually Fords, making the price on this rare Chevy extremely fair.

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