O.G. Über Tuner Super Tourer: 24k-Mile 1991 Mercedes-Benz Mosselman 300CR ‘Silver Arrow’ Coupe 5-Speed

  • March 11, 2021
The Rundown
  • 1 of 5 Mosselman-Tuned “Silver Arrows”
  • 3.0L 24V Inline 6-Cylinder Engine (320hp & 300 lb-ft Torque)
  • Mosselman Twin-Turbo (Garrett T25s) w/ Intercooler
  • Recaro A8 Racing Seats w/ Sabelt 4-Point Harnesses
  • Dogleg 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Widened Body from 500E, Bilstein Shocks & Mosselman Springs
Why We Like It

The term sledgehammer gets tossed around often when referring to monster Mercs, and we think Thor would be duly impressed with this. Mercedes in the late ‘80s was throwing massive amounts of money into developing new platforms that would revolutionize their lineup. The “Baby Benz” 190-Series and the “E-Series” found here in the W124, made leaps and bounds in safety improvements, aerodynamics, weight reduction, and handling characteristics – perfect bases for tuners like Mosselman, Brabus, and AMG to work their magic. These hot rod houses would eventually lead to Mercedes absorbing AMG and bringing all that expertise under the purview of the mothership.

o-g-ueber-tuner-super-tourer-24k-mile-1991-mercedes-benz-mosselman-300cr00t0t cxg6A3oSVRhz 0pO0hc 1200x900

o-g-ueber-tuner-super-tourer-24k-mile-1991-mercedes-benz-mosselman-300cr00c0c eJyQeFBnZOQz 0pO0hc 1200x900This example is 1 of 5 “Silver Arrows” built by Mosselman to show what they could do with a standard 300CE coupe. The “M104” 3.0L DOHC inline-6 has twin KKK K16 turbochargers installed with a horizontally mounted intercooler perched on top, and the standard coupe body was enhanced with front and rear fender flares borrowed from the Porsche-built 500E monster sedan, as well as front grill and trim pieces to make up that extra width. Rear brake ducts give it a racy appearance, in addition to carbon fiber front and rear spoilers and 18” 6 spoke wheels with carbon centers. Continuing the motor sports theme, the fuel filler cap was also modified, and three decades of hindsight makes the install look a bit half-baked. On the upside, the interior benefits from gorgeous Recaro seats, a Momo 3-spoke steering wheel, and a billet shift knob to run through that H-pattern with gusto.

o-g-ueber-tuner-super-tourer-24k-mile-1991-mercedes-benz-mosselman-300cr00l0l 2VyCOcbSZ7pz 0pO0hc 1200x900

Period tuner cars, especially rare 30-year-old survivors like this one, are becoming sought after representations of the era’s car culture. The included magazine articles can offer proof of their period correctness, or evidence of further modifications later down the line. This specimen has had over $8k in recent engine overhaul work, apparently due to a mistake made by the Japanese shop that serviced the intercooler prior to import (see BaT auction comment thread below). In addition, the intercooler would be best served by installing hood vents like those found on the magazine cover car, which was optional on the Mosselman build sheet. The period engine management system found here is apparently a piggyback to the KE injection control and can allow the engine to run lean at higher boost levels. Solutions exist to retrofit newer engine management, methanol injection, modern computers, etc, or if maintaining originality is the goal, having a deep analysis of the components used and measurement readings to ensure a safer and more “turn-key” experience. We’re sure it can be enjoyed as-is and would make a worthy addition to any stable, however, this is not a sled for an amateur, but rather a marque expert with the patience and passion to take it to the pedestal where it deserves to live.o-g-ueber-tuner-super-tourer-24k-mile-1991-mercedes-benz-mosselman-300cr00v0v gEXVAoWYuQJz 0pO0hc 1200x900

o-g-ueber-tuner-super-tourer-24k-mile-1991-mercedes-benz-mosselman-300cr00l0l hESnvJUerwWz 0pO0hc 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

Regular 300CE prices won’t help us out much, unless one wants to tally up the cost of building their own hot rod. Instead, the valuation here is informed from the data generated by this car’s unsuccessful prior attempt at auction a few months ago on Bring a Trailer. Also, a comparable vehicle was sold in mid-2019 and should be considered the high-water mark example. The Silver Arrow’s history is a special one and should be granted the respect it deserves. For this car to make sense, the buyer will place value in that story and wish to steward it through its next chapter and eventually to the next generation of car enthusiasts. As it sits, it seems like it could be worth the premium to the right person but still a little steep for many. In the hands of the next owner, the 300CR can claim its position as Thor’s weapon of choice, as long as they’re worthy of wielding it.

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Nice article thank you! I still have the car. Although it is not advertised for sale anywhere, it is still available for anyone who truly values this unique build. Price negotiable. I spoke to Willy Mosselman who confirmed this was the car he took to the Dubai car show.
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