1 of 1 Fox: 32k-Mile 1983 Ford Mustang GLX 5.0 Convertible 5-Speed

  • March 17, 2021
The Rundown
  • Documented “1 of 1” Example
  • Top-of-the-Line GLX Trim-Level Convertible
  • First Year of Convertible Availability Since 1973
  • Just 32k Seller-Stated Miles
  • Outstanding Condition & Colors
  • Responsive 5.0L 4V 175hp V8 Engine
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Includes Build Sheet, Window Sticker & Marti Report
Why We Like It

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, the newly redesigned “Fox-Body” Mustang for 1979 was extremely important in the history of Ford’s pony car. Not only did it push the prior Pinto-based Mustang II into distant memory with its fresh design, the new Mustang would soon lead a fresh performance era in Detroit with the return of the Mustang GT in 1982. The GLX companion model also debuted that year, available in Hatchback and Notchback body styles, with the full Mustang engine range available, allowing buyers to choose a more luxurious and less aggressive looking Mustang without the hood scoop and spoilers of the GT. By 1983, the Fox-generation Mustang would also deliver one of the first factory available convertible models offered since 1976 in America. Featuring standard power operation and roll-up rear quarter windows, the Mustang convertible was quite sophisticated and offered a true open-air experience.

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one-of-one-fox-32k-mile-1983-ford-mustang-glx-5-0-convertible-5-speed01616 i62zTtFigZ1z 0CI0t2 1200x900Documented by a Marti Report as the only Mustang with its specific option combination produced for 1983, this GLX Convertible also features the hot 4-barrel Holley-carbureted 5.0L V8 engine and 5-speed manual powertrain combination. Only 32k miles have been covered and this Blue-on-Blue pony that looks great with caring ownership in full abundance. As the seller relates, it’s exceptionally original, remains excellent, runs great, and looks amazing. Additional documents include a build sheet and window sticker, and the car also includes two convertible-top covers.

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Valuation Verdict

While only the GT is listed for the 1983 Mustang value tables in Hagerty’s current price guides, a 5.0/5-speed convertible should be worth $9,100 for a good #3 car, $17,600 for an excellent #2 car, and $24,300 for a concours-worthy #1 specimen. Our subject car comes from the first year of the new wave of factory-built American convertibles and features the high-end GLX trim package. Great colors, low stated miles, and confirmed “1 of 1” status makes it an attractive, collection-worthy example. The seller’s asking price is quite modest for what this car delivers, and it should sell within a reasonable time frame, leading us to declare it Fair Market.

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