One-Owner w/ 87k Documented Miles: 1973 BMW 2002

  • November 10, 2020
Why We Like It

The BMW 2002 series enjoys a rabid enthusiast and owner following today, and rightly so. We’ll spare you the model background in this post and get to the point: In short, the 2002 and its “Neue Klasse” stablemates from the 1960s were the sales and financial salvation of BMW and their stunning success and scalability from the initial sedans expanded BMW’s model lines along a highly rational and well-organized direction that would enjoy even greater successes, especially in North America, through today. The 2002 and its antecedents most importantly helped BMW remain independent in the face of credible buyout threats from German archrival Mercedes-Benz. The 2002 and its variants are coveted driving machines, and they continue to enjoy a loyal following with knowledgeable enthusiasts in abundance.

one-owner-w-87k-documented-miles-1973-bmw-200200B0B 2w741T3rkh8 0CI0pO 1200x900This 1973 BMW 2002 is offered from a highly knowledgeable seller on behalf of the original and only owner, and the car is reportedly an insurance replacement when new for a 1972 model that was totaled in an accident in Germany during mid-1973. This US-spec model is finished in the tantalizing color of Inka Orange and it was delivered to its only owner in the fall of ‘73 in Luxembourg, while spending the first few years of its life in Hamburg, Germany. It was a daily driver for a number of years, then moved to secondary car duty. The owner is an educator and scientist who taught at Iowa State and Purdue, and also worked at Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. According to the seller, this 2002 runs right and benefits from extensive maintenance, service, and adult use; however, it is understood to have not been driven much over the past decade, with some of the usual issues associated with seldom-used old cars. The car remains quite original, having never been totally repainted and the engine is stated to have never been taken apart - a rarity for a classic BMW fast-nearing the age of 50 - and current mileage is about 87,500 documented miles from new. The seller’s online ad is very detailed, and they have over 130 images of the car on hand, so we’ll leave the rest to them for the sake of brevity here. Let’s just say this is a well-loved and kept classic BMW gem in a fantastic color that has been a part of the owner’s life and family from new.

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Values for these delightful road cars are quite robust and this comes as no surprise to owners and marque enthusiasts, with 1972-1973 examples enjoying a small but measurable premium to the run-out ‘74-‘76 models and even more for the fuel-injected 2002tii and bonkers 2002 Turbo racing-homologation model. According to Hagerty, the value range for a 1972-1973 BMW 2002 spans $10k for a #4 driver with issues to $18,300 for a good #3 example, $34,300 for a #2 excellent car, and $57,100 for a #1 concours-level vehicle. Our subject 2002 feels like a 3+ or 2- in general, and due to its mileage, single person ownership, and originality, it’s a bit of a unicorn and likely deserving of a richer valuation than price guides and sales records might justify, leading us to consider this one fair market close to the asking price.

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