Pace Maker: 23k-Mile 1998 Corvette Convertible Indy 500 Pace Car Edition

  • March 09, 2021
The Rundown
  • Rare Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Edition
  • 1,163 Examples Built
  • Stated 23k Miles
  • 3k Miles on New Tires
  • New Battery
  • Garage Kept
Why We Like It

If you enjoy a little flash, this could be the car for you. Created for Corvette to pace the Indy 500, Chevrolet built just over 1,000 copies for the public, making it a rare piece of Corvette history. This one is showing just over 23k miles on the digital odometer and appears to be in mint condition. Having been cared for by three owners since new, the seller has had the car for the past eight years and says it runs and drives like new. Tires were installed about 3k miles ago, and a new battery was fitted too, while the convertible top is said to be like new and everything else is in good working condition.

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pace-maker-23k-mile-1998-corvette-convertible-indy-500-pace-car-edition00o0o gZQzjD13fCqz 0CI0t2 1200x900While the busyness of the pace car can turn some people away, we love the dark blue with graphics and the two-tone yellow and black interior while rolling on yellow wheels – it really isn’t a car for shy people! We’d say it’s likely a great investment, and it probably is, but it seems the majority of the pace car Corvettes on the market are all in really great condition, so many of them being put away early in their lives or looked after by fastidious owners interested in keeping the car in fabulous shape. Really, we’d say the majority of the 1,163 built are still in very nice condition. Powered by the 350ci LS1 V8 engine and automatic transmission, the ‘Vette provides ample power, smooth delivery, and remarkable reliability and serviceability.

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Valuation Verdict

Comparable Corvettes are asking higher to much higher prices, and while this one has a few miles on it, 23k can’t be considered high for any vehicle of this vintage. It seems really clean and well kept, and what else can you get for $23k that’s as fun, reliable, serviceable, comfortable, powerful, and capable as a Corvette? And this one brings a rarity factor to the table that’s hard to match. This one is placed below Hagerty’s #3 cars and it’s definitely feeling well bought at or below the advertised price.

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