Perfect Pairing: 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan with Matching Vintage ‘Teardrop’ Trailer

  • November 21, 2020
Why We Like It

Advertised with the slogan: “Greater Beauty, Greater Comfort and Greater Safety,” the broad 1935 Ford model line dominated America’s auto industry with V8 power and excellent styling at affordable prices. Restyled and a bit smaller than the 1932-‘34 models, the new-for-1935 Fords were about three and a half inches lower than before for a more streamlined look. Unknown to many, Ford’s 1935 passenger car model lines were the fruit of designs by Phil Wright, a Briggs Body Co. stylist whose prior credits included the monumental Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow. While long overshadowed by the 1932 and 1934 Fords, the 1935 cars have aged particularly well and continue to carry a most sophisticated presence with softer and less angular body lines that have only grown more attractive with the passage of time. Buyers certainly agreed, with Ford’s sales for 1935 surpassing those of archrival Chevrolet by a wide margin that year.

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This wonderful pairing begins with a stylish 1935 Ford Tudor sedan that continues to benefit from a frame-off restoration completed 12 years ago that remains captivating despite some normal wear with use, and a 1951 flathead Ford engine delivers power which looks right at home. It was removed from a cabover truck and totally rebuilt after sonic and pressure testing with all new internals to deliver 100hp, just perfect for pulling the small vintage trailer, including a 16-week, 5k-mile trip without issue last August from Santa Monica to Chicago and back, and a stop along the way in Iowa for some fishing with family. The vintage 1938 Sheepherders ‘teardrop’ trailer looks at home with the Ford and includes a 6’3” bunk with memory foam mattress. A solar panel provides 12-volt lighting and power for phones plus reading lights and charging ports, while additional lighting and charging ports are located in the galley. Interestingly, these trailers were offered as a kit or professionally assembled when new. The seller advises the trailer was remodeled to match the Ford Tudor Sedan, including the matching Washington Blue paint, 16-inch wheels, and original travel trunk. All seven Coker tires are new, including the spare, and the interior of the car is described as original and excellent.

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What a beautiful offering! Restored and maintained for driving enjoyment and well-proven over long distances, this 1935 Ford Tudor and classic trailer are ready to enjoy. Early V8 Fords of the 1930s have an immense and loyal following today, and even a dedicated club supporting their rich heritage. Maintained properly, these prewar icons are certainly capable of enjoyment along county roads and secondary highways as desired. While the current engine is non-original, it is indeed a Ford ‘flathead’ and the car stays true to its roots, unlike many others of similar vintage today. The trailer is a fun and highly collectible 1930s artifact in its own right, with select and unobtrusive updates for enjoyment today. What’s it worth? In our opinion, more than the seller’s very modest asking price. They seem to have loved and enjoyed this combo as intended and are simply prepared to sell it and move on with their lives with few regrets. Accordingly, when the new owner takes over, it will be well-bought at the asking price.

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