Several Degrees of Separation: 8k-Mile 1991 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet

  • January 12, 2021
Why We Like It

Sharing running gear with the excellent 308 GTB, Ferrari’s 2+2 Mondial features bodywork by Pininfarina, and it provided a less costly and complex alternative to the 400/412. Mechanical development progressed through several successive specifications, including a 3.2L engine by 1985, and then 3.4L with a transverse gearbox, resulting in the Mondial T (for transverse) by 1989. The Mondial Cabriolet, with its crisp “flying buttress” roof, was introduced in 1984, and it delivered a sophisticated Ferrari experience with open-air glamor and enjoyment. According to marque historian Marcel Massini, 1,010 examples of the Mondial T were produced – low by most standards, but an important road model from the home of the Prancing Horse.


several-degrees-of-separation-8k-mile-1991-ferrari-mondial-t-cabriolet63616655-770-0@2XFinished in black over tan Connolly leather, this ‘91 Mondial T Cabriolet is offered with just 8,161 miles, and as related by the seller, it was imported to United States and sold new in Los Gatos, California, part of Silicon Valley, but it’s now garaged on a property previously owned by a former spouse of Steve McQueen. The current owner has put 2k miles on the car, enjoying it on pre-sunrise excursions up the coast of Malibu, and the seller reports that all service work has been performed by the Ferrari specialists at Fast Cars in the South Bay, who has completely sorted it with a documented engine-out belt service. The seller also offers an opportunity to visit the McQueen property, which was featured in Sunset Magazine.

The Mondial was not a huge seller when new, and production numbers are relatively low, with only a little more than 6k produced along several iterations from 1980 through 1993. While the Mondial has existed for decades under the shadow of Ferrari’s 2-seat, V12 models, its crisp, Pininfarina-designed body and 308-derived V8 powertrain and mechanicals endow it with real street credibility and room for four occupants to share the joy of its sonorous soundtrack and performance. The Mondial T, and especially the T Cab, stand as the ultimate expression of the wonderful Ferrari experience at a relatively affordable price point.several-degrees-of-separation-8k-mile-1991-ferrari-mondial-t-cabriolet63616626-770-0@2X

several-degrees-of-separation-8k-mile-1991-ferrari-mondial-t-cabriolet63638603-770-0@2XCondition, and especially documented service records are of paramount importance, which will help ensure an enjoyable ownership experience, the same as for any modern classic V8 Ferrari model. According to Hagerty’s current price guides, 1991 Mondial T Cabriolets carry a curious (slight) discount to their closed stablemates, and they range from $22k for a #4 driver, all the way up to $48k for a concours-level, as-new #1 specimen, although we’ve recently seen a handful sell on Bring a Trailer in the $65k+ range, including a 19k mile example for $69k just last month! Maybe it’s a sign that collectors are just now starting to appreciate these long overlooked modern classics. This one looks great with excellent colors, has very low mileage, and is understood to be a California car from new with proper documented service. What’s not to love on these counts? Given all that, we think this would be worth the premium with a bit of hard-nosed negotiating.


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