Sinister Street-Legal Race Car: 255-Mile 2008 Dodge Viper ACR

  • January 21, 2021
The Rundown
  • 600 hp 8.4L V10, 6-speed manual
  • 255 original miles
  • 1-owner from new
  • 1-of-36 built, likely the finest in existence
  • Backed with documents and sealed ACR pamphlet, tools
  • Factory street-legal race car
Why We Like It

While the Viper stole a lot of hearts at the beginning of the 1990s with it’s unique V10 engine, lack of technology (safety or otherwise), raw and ego-taming power, and exotic nature, it left a lot to be desired. While its “Cobra for the ’90s” reputation was charming, the “racecar for the streets” concept alienated many would-be customers, sending them to check out Corvette ZR1s and Acura NSXs, among other alternatives. And Dodge was fine with that. In creating their version of a supercar, they weren’t interested in pleasing everyone, a bold attitude that is commendable in an industry and society often overly concerned with what everyone thinks.


Over the years, Viper became a little more civil, but not by all that much. In the interest of getting back to basics, Team Viper created the American Club Racing (ACR) variant which deleted air conditioning, the stereo system, cargo area carpeting, and various other items that added weight to the car. They increased horsepower, reworked the aerodynamics, tweaked the suspension, and brought back most of what the raw, original Viper offered, this time aiming squarely for club racers. But, each ACR iteration they built brought a new element of “WOW” to the game, a high level of exclusivity and they were all still legal for the street.sinister-street-legal-race-car-255-mile-2008-dodge-viper-acr76888379-770-0@2X

sinister-street-legal-race-car-255-mile-2008-dodge-viper-acr76888384-770-0@2XWhile it’s a take-no-prisoners racecar, the ACR Viper is a stunning piece of sports car and Dodge history, and with only a few examples built, finding one like this with only 255 miles from new is really a rare treat. It’s never been raced or abused, sequestered away only to emerge all these years later as a like-new example of one of America’s most raucous sports cars.

Let’s face it - $116,000 isn’t chump change, at least not for most people. But in the case of this Viper ACR, we get it. Only 36 were built, and this one has less than 300 miles. It’s been meticulously maintained, it’s presented in a really cool color combination of black with red details, it has a number of original sales materials and tools – it truly is like going back in time. While other ACRs are available, we think this one is what bankers like to call “Blue Chip”, an appreciating fun investment and worth the premium in our book.sinister-street-legal-race-car-255-mile-2008-dodge-viper-acr76888373-770-0@2X


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