Six Appeal: 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN4 2+2

  • November 16, 2020
Why We Like It

With Austin’s 4-cylinder engine slated to be discontinued, the Austin-Healey was available from September 1956 as the 100-6 with a twin-carbureted version of the Austin Westminster’s 2,639-cc ‘C-Series’ inline six-cylinder engine, expertly tuned by Geoff Healey, Eddie Maher, and Harry Weslake to 102 bhp at 4,600 rpm. Other 100-6 updates included a slight streamlining of the body, a wider and lower oval-shaped radiator grille, a fashionable and functional hood scoop, and revised cockpit. A slight two-inch wheelbase extension provided the room for a pair of occasional rear seats in the 2+2 models, while the two-seat BN6 was available for 1958 and 1959 on the same 92-inch wheelbase. Continuous development brought a meaningful power increase to 117 hp for 1957 with a revised cylinder head and intake manifold. The updated 100-6 was a thrilling performer, a fact confirmed by road test editors from English magazine The Motor, who drove a two-seat BN6 roadster to a top speed of nearly 104 mph, clocked 0-60 mph acceleration times in just 10.7 seconds, and achieved fuel economy of 20.8 miles per Imperial gallon. While Healey purists and racers decried the decision to update the car with the new six-cylinder engine, it offered excellent all-around flexibility and greater scope for future development, which would continue through the end of production in March 1968.

six-appeal-1957-austin-healey-100-6-bn4-2-200d0d bOLemcb7Pka 0ak07K 1200x900Sporting rare gold paint over black upholstery piped in contrasting white, this 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6 2+2 is offered with few details, but the seller reports it’s in excellent condition and runs and drives great. They also advise it comes with a clear title and features an all-new interior while riding on new wheels and tires. In addition to being flexible on their asking price, the seller is willing to consider trades for interesting Porsche cars or projects. Photos are few, but this one seems to be in nice condition.

While not as raw and ready as the first-generation cars, the Austin-Healey 100-6 is important in the bloodline as the first evolution of these British sporting icons. They are tractable, highly drivable, and a bit more civilized than their predecessors, making them ideal for enjoyable drives and long-distance classic tours in equal measure. Above all, they are great road cars with a huge and loyal owner/enthusiast base, excellent restoration network, and strong parts availability. Valued just slightly below the 2-seater BN6 roadster, the early BN4 2+2 models from 1957 and 1958 enjoy very robust pricing, with Hagerty’s current price guide assigning a slight premium to the 1958 models. Our subject car is a 1957 example and according to the insurer, these 2+2 models range from $18,800 for a #4 driver with some faults to $32,600 for a good #3 car, $51,200 for an excellent #2 and $100k for a pristine, #1 concours-quality example. With the photos and details available at the present time, our subject BN4 looks at least #3 driver quality, making it fair market at the seller’s asking price.six-appeal-1957-austin-healey-100-6-bn4-2-200l0l 67vtLhHG3Sj 0QE0Du 1200x900

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