Special K-Car: 68k-Mile 1995 Plymouth Voyager SE AWD Minivan

  • January 06, 2021
Why We Like It

Lee Iacocca took the helm of the Chrysler Corporation in 1978 with one goal in mind - to save the company. It was in dire straits and needed guidance, innovation, and lots of money to see it through, and he ensured the U.S. government would finance some the company’s turnaround while leading his engineers and designers to think outside the box, but use only one platform. That platform would be known as the “K-Car,” which was simple, versatile, and a profit-making design that Chrysler banked on heavily. It worked, and Chrysler and its divisions built a multitude of popular cars based on the single platform design, but it’s possible that one type of vehicle largely saved Chrysler from the great sunset of bankruptcy - the minivan.

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The seller of this 1995 Plymouth Voyager SE AWD Minivan confusingly refers to it as a Dodge Caravan, but we understand his mistake, as they’re practically identical Chrysler offspring. Maybe the seller thought more people would be searching for Caravans than Voyagers. Anywho, besides the obvious Plymouth badging, the manual windows, grey-trimmed bumpers and body cladding, and grille are pretty much the only things differentiating it from the Caravan. Regardless, it’s in really sharp condition, and we’re betting the low 68k miles has a lot to do with the overall shape it’s in. The automatic transmission divides the 162 HP from the optional 3.3L V6 between all four wheels, giving the van a higher level of grip and safety. Of the Sport Wagon trim, not to be confused with the car Clark W. Griswold didn’t get, this Voyager is in typical few frills/high value Plymouth form, with accented gray bumpers and molding, fog lamps, and special aluminum wheels, as wells as comfortable, thickly padded, cloth-covered seats with first row captain’s chairs and second/third row bench seats. The second row is indicative of Chrysler’s innovative spirit, featuring two very cool and handy integrated child safety seats.special-k-car-68k-mile-1995-plymouth-voyager-se-awd-minivan00L0L 8z6lgpphOOdz 0e70t2 1200x900

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According to the post, the van is sparsely equipped with manual locks, manual windows, a tilt steering column, cruise control, and working air conditioning, and the seller says it has no mechanical issues, drives amazingly, and has new tires. Then again, can we really trust someone trying to egregiously pass their Voyager off as a Caravan? Presented in silver with a light grey interior, regardless of what it is, it truly does look to be in fantastic shape, and it represents one hell of a great opportunity to acquire a useful, fun (can a minivan be fun? YES!), unique neo-classic that’s just beginning to show signs of interest from the marketplace (ahem RADwood), and in this condition we think it’s a fantastic deal!

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