James Bond's Pickup: Ex-Daniel Craig 1959 Land Rover Series II 109 Pickup

  • January 18, 2021
Why We Like It

Launched at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show, the Land Rover was Britain’s homegrown alternative to the hordes of surplus American-built military Jeeps remaining after WWII, offering the ability to pull farm implements as well as provide on- and off-road transportation. Built with durability in mind and the agility offered by a short 80-inch wheelbase length, the Land Rover is a rock-solid machine that almost immediately assumed legendary status for its uncanny ability to travel virtually anywhere. Typical of British manufacturers of the austere postwar era, Land Rovers were soon exported to America after being first shown here at the April 1950 British Automobile and Motorcycle Show. Land Rovers were carefully developed, and they progressed through several variations, with the wheelbase lengthened to 86 inches in Autumn 1953, and a longer 107-inch wheelbase model was developed for 1956. The first Land Rovers were retrospectively known as ‘Series I’ when the substantially improved Series II arrived by 1958. Essentially a larger vehicle with more power, Series IIs also have additional storage room and somewhat improved creature comforts. It was no surprise, then, that by November 1959, the 250,000th Land Rover left the assembly line.


craig-1959-land-rover-series-ii23769928-1959-land-rover-series-ii-stdAs related by the seller, this ‘59 Series II 109 Pickup (designated “109” for its wheelbase length) was purchased from the current James Bond leading man, Daniel Craig, and his wife, Rachel Weisz. Included with the truck is a handwritten letter from them asking to take care of this truck because they loved it so much. Since purchase, the seller reports the truck has been very well taken care of by professionals and it benefits from a full service including many new seals, paint correction, and much more, and it’s finished in iconic Land Rover Bronze Green with matching wheels. Highlights include a new Tan Exmoor cargo-bed cover, while a rare and operational rope winch complete with authentic Manila rope are up front. Other great features include all working lights, and the original 2.25L engine, while the inside of the cab appears mostly original. All but one of the gauges look to read correctly, the heater works well, and the manual 4-speed transmission is mated to RoverDrive overdrive for highway use. More parts, services and features are listed below as well. Don’t miss your chance at owning this

Very cool and rare with real star power, this ‘59 Series II 109 Pickup is one of the most interesting finds we’ve seen recently. At its essence, it’s a truly legendary postwar vehicle that is ready to go anywhere the new owner should care to drive or display it. While numerous Series II Landies have been offered and sold over the past several years, sale prices are surprisingly affordable for decent examples along a fairly well dispersed price range from the $10k level to nearly $50k. Essentially, there’s likely a classic Land Rover out there for most enthusiasts’ budgets. Priced smack at the high end, this ex-007 Series II Pickup seems to deserve premium pricing at fair market, not considering its former movie star ownership – which is just the icing on the cake, in our opinion.craig-1959-land-rover-series-ii23769879-1959-land-rover-series-ii-std


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