Sting Like a Bee: 49k-Mile 2012 Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket

  • March 02, 2021
The Rundown
  • 6.4L, 470hp, 392ci V8
  • 6-Speed Tremec Manual Transmission
  • 1 of 641 SRT8 Yellow Jackets w/ Manual Trans
  • Hugely Well Optioned
  • One of the Quickest, Fastest Performance Car on the Road
  • Cost in the $50k Range New
Why We Like It

Performance and rarity put this car in the realm of exclusivity. Only about 1,300 2012 SRT8 Yellow Jacket Challengers were built, and only 641 were equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission. On top of that, it’ll run 0-60 mph in the low- to mid-4s, clip the ¼-mile in about 12-seconds, and top out in the 180 mph range with the manual transmission, or settle for the 170 mph neighborhood with the automatic. Not too shabby for a car costing less than $50k without options. On top of all that, the Yellow Jacket Challenger is a throwback to 1969 when Dodge produced a highly-optioned Challenger show car called ‘Yellow Jacket’. It was a package that brought an upgraded set of accessories and options to Challenger buyers, and it was the first E-Body with a Hemi. Only available in 1970, not many were built – which is where Dodge got the idea for this 2012 tribute.

sting-like-a-bee-49k-mile-2012-dodge-challenger-yellow-jacket01515 382mZJn4hW5z 0CI0t2 1200x900This Yellow Jacket appears to be in fine condition with just under 50k miles on the odometer. The paint and body look to be in great shape, and the post says it’s just been buffed out and shines perfectly. By the post and pictures, the entire car seems to present impeccably. The interior looks factory fresh – the black Alcantara/leather upholstery looks unscathed, the dash appears perfectly, the carpeting, center console all look fabulous. The Brembo brakes were recently serviced and give a nice look with those red calipers behind the massive wheels. The scene under the hood is likewise, very fresh and clean. All things told, it looks like a very well cared for example of one of the rarest and fastest Challengers built. On top of that, in keeping with the Yellow Jacket high-performance, heavily optioned spirit, this car doesn’t seem to disappoint. It’s loaded with all the modern amenities and creature comforts, and has the 6-speed manual transmission, which brings up the performance level a bit over the automatic equipped cars, and the list goes on…

sting-like-a-bee-49k-mile-2012-dodge-challenger-yellow-jacket00x0x c7vwzXGNthtz 0CI0t2 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

Priced lower than Hagerty suggests, checking online, it seems to have an advantage over some others. But seriously, there aren’t many on the market – one we found has under 4k miles and is priced at $39k, while another is nearing 90k miles for $23k. Based on that, this seems like a well bought bargain!!

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