Streamlined Prewar Stunner: 1936 Dodge Business Coupe

  • December 04, 2020
Why We Like It

Advertised as the “Beauty Winner” and “Money Saving Dodge,” the midlevel Chrysler division featured wonderfully updated and streamlined design cues for 1936 and proved highly popular as the American economy attempted a short-lived uptick. Introduced on November 2, 1935, the new Dodge model lines featured advanced new all-steel roof construction and sold strongly, with 263,647 produced in all for 1936. Importantly, with its winning design language, reliable powertrains, and growing suite of passenger amenities and options, Dodge was empowered to battle its way back to 4th place in American production rankings in 1936. Our subject car is a handsomely restored example of Dodge’s successful formula in the last few years prior to America’s full-scale entry into WWII, ultimately halting the production of passenger cars.

streamlined-prewar-stunner-1936-dodge-business-coupe00E0E bfsnPsjAmRZ 0kE0fu 1200x900Suited for travelling salesmen, the sleekly styled, close-coupled 2-passenger Business Coupe was quite popular in period, yet quite rare today. This well restored coupe is a wonderful example finished in Black livery with a premium leather interior sporting a richly wood grained dash and window surrounds. Underhood resides Dodge’s thrifty and reliable L-head ‘six’ and inside, and optional heater is mounted underneath the dash. Artillery-style steel wheels, small bright hubcaps, and white sidewall tires finish it off nicely.

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Prewar American Classics are relatively scarce in online actions and sale listings currently, and we feel that is a real shame. These cars, especially those from the latter 1930s, feature exceptional styling with an Art Deco influence that we feel should never have gone away. Their robust and thrifty powertrains are also quite easily serviced and maintained, delivering adequate, if not thrilling, performance. Regardless, this car is a true beauty and with its 2-passenger body style, surprisingly snug and sporty. The seller is not asking outrageous money for this example and it could certainly deliver a wonderful classic touring experience as desired. We’ll cut to the chase here and declare our subject vehicle fair market and hopefully, it will continue to be loved and see some more miles with the new owner.

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