Super Trooper: 1993 Ford Mustang 5.0 Notchback SSP 5-Speed

  • March 08, 2021
The Rundown
  • Ordered New by the Florida Highway Patrol
  • Extensive Documentation, Including Marti Report
  • Remains in Service Livery
  • Tastefully & Well Modified for Performance
  • Exceedingly Rare Mustang
  • Engine Refreshed 20k Miles Ago
Why We Like It

Police vehicles often pique the interest of car enthusiasts, and the Fox Body Mustangs of 1979 to 1993 seem to be a major sweet spot for cop cars. And why not? They’re sporty, quick, fast, agile, and have a reputation for catching just about any other car that tries to run from it. But it’s not just about speed for these bad boys, it’s also about durability. While Fords were never known as the quickest or fastest, they have long had a reputation for durability, dating back to when Henry was running things. Simply put, even under pressure, they don’t break easily. Which is why so many law enforcement agencies adored the Mustangs – stories surfaced about faster vehicles that tried to outrun the police pony only to blow an engine, transmission, or differential, thus pulling to the side to await the Mustang. Interestingly, if the Mustang had one Achilles Heel, it was the seat frames – the Mustangs were so torquey and quick off the line, that the weight of larger officers could snap the frame under full acceleration.

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super-trooper-1993-ford-mustang-5-0-notchback-ssp-5-speed00e0e 8ptiDoNJaxqz 0pO0jm 1200x900This 1993 SSP Florida Highway Patrol Mustang comes ready to rumble, complete with a battery of modifications that put the performance beyond what was sent from the factory. Delivered new by Don Reid Ford in Maitland, Florida on April 12, 1993, the seller has receipts for parts and labor, service records, a Marti Report, and the original owner’s manual. Equipped with fully functioning lights and siren, the seller says the air conditioning is working well and the engine was refreshed at 93k miles. Some of the modification highlights include an aluminum driveshaft, Factory Five tubular control arms, full MAC exhaust, GT-40P Heads, Explorer GT40 intake, F303 cam, 65mm throttle body, and a Powerdyne Supercharger, although it’s not clear whether or not the seat frame has been upgraded.

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Valuation Verdict

Ford Mustang SSPs aren’t exactly plentiful, but they’re not scarce either. That said, finding one that’s been as well updated as this one is difficult. To boot, the engine is said to have been “refreshed.” While we’re not exactly sure what all that means, by the looks of this one, we would bet that to reproduce it would cost about as much as the asking price, plus the headaches that come with a build. That’s part of why we call this one well bought. It’s documented, built, well cared for – who could resist?!

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