Survivor Sedan: 28k-Mile 1970 Dodge Dart Custom Sedan

  • February 26, 2021
The Rundown
  • Seemingly Exquisite Condition
  • 28k Miles From New
  • Dark Green Paint, Vinyl Top, & Interior
  • Seemingly Very Original
  • Reportedly Nicely Kept & Maintained
  • 225ci Slant-6 Engine w/ Automatic Transmission
Why We Like It

Dodge introduced the fourth generation Dart in 1967, bringing sharply styled, crisp design to the table. It was light, lithe, and loved. It could be efficient or a powerful competitor against larger cars with healthier reputations for performance. Customers could tailor the Dart to their specifications and budget – it was a youthful car, but also something a penny-pincher could appreciate. The Custom line was Dart’s more luxurious entry, featuring more stylized interiors, vinyl tops, extra trim inside and out, full-width wheel covers, whitewall tires, an AM radio, a heater, and a host of standard features. This one seems excruciatingly original, giving the impression that it’s 1970 all over again, and finding one like this isn’t going to be easy.

survivor-sedan-28k-mile-1970-dodge-dart-custom-sedan00707 6MqAwHgebJjz 07K0ak 1200x900

survivor-sedan-28k-mile-1970-dodge-dart-custom-sedan00I0I lJzvB6o1UEGz 0ak07K 1200x900Powered by the venerable 225ci inline 6-cylinder engine (called the ‘Slant-Six’ for its lean to the right) and a 3-speed automatic transmission, this Dart Custom is finished in dark Green Metallic with a matching interior and black vinyl roof. Passengers enjoy a bench seat, column shift, AM radio, deluxe steering wheel, faux wood trim, and more, obviously conspiring to remind that this was the upscale Custom line. According to the post and pictures, this car has a screamingly low 28k original miles, and judging by the pictures, we think it has to be true. The paint is deep and reflective, offering a shine like new, and the vinyl top appears to be perfect, no rips, bubbles, or tears to speak of. Likewise, the interior looks like it’s ready for the brochure photo shoot, the dashboard is beautiful, the upholstery seems without incident, the carpeting, from what we can see, looks incredible. Overall, it’s hard to argue with this Dart Custom, it’s a true time capsule, a trip to another era.

survivor-sedan-28k-mile-1970-dodge-dart-custom-sedan00808 9JrgAVj9Eg3z 0ak07K 1200x900

Valuation Verdict

Say what you will about them – common, cheap, too numerous, underpowered, whatever, this is one of those rides they built an ocean of and yet few survive, even fewer in this very original condition. The color combination is fitting of the era, the whitewalls and big hubcaps tie it all together, the vinyl roof and acres of vinyl inside absolutely scream “1970s American car!” – to us, this one brings it home. It’s powered by one of the best engines ever built in the US and it’s the upscale Custom model, so to sum it up, it seems to be a very nice example that will command attention anywhere it rolls. That said, we call it well worth the premium.

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