Suzuka Blue AP1: 29k-Mile 2002 Honda S2000

  • July 21, 2020
Why We Like It

We see plenty of low-mileage S2000s every week, but the car’s condition and timelessly attractive Suzuka Blue livery really caught our attention. It’s been driven just under 29k miles and its only modification is a K&N air filter (easily changeable if desired, essentially insignificant). 2002 was the first year for this color, with the name being a nod to Japan’s premiere racetrack which hosts the annual F1 race, among many other notable events. A matching hard top is also included in the sale, something that will likely become increasingly important as these continue to climb the collector appreciation ladder.

We prefer the higher revving AP1 cars over the AP2 chassis, and the 2002 model year saw a handful of revisions including updated suspension settings, revised ECU, and additional cosmetic changes, along with a glass rear window with defroster (silly as it sounds, this is kind of a big deal in terms of practical use compared to the prior plastic window). This car is priced slightly higher than we’d typically like to see, but with some strategic negotiating we think an appreciative new enthusiast buyer will give the car another 18 years of love, the reciprocal relationship it deserves.

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