The B&M Mega-Deuce, a Roy Brizio Original: 1932 Ford 2-Door Sedan

  • December 03, 2020
Why We Like It

It’s not often that an opportunity like this pops up – it’s akin to lightning striking twice. The original B&M Mega-Deuce by Roy Brizio is one of those joint projects that made all other projects pale in comparison. B&M, known in the car world for their performance shifters, once partnered with the legendary hot rod builder, Roy Brizio, to build a show stopping car that is drivable, enjoyable, and moves like a bat outta hell, as any good rod should. The result of that partnership is the Mega-Deuce: a hot rod built on a Brizio frame and chassis using an original 1932 Henry Ford 2-Door Sedan body. The number of modifications and alterations and details bestowed on Mega-Deuce is absolutely insane, but attests to the quality, time, and money spent building it.

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It starts with a Bill Mitchell custom built Mark V 502ci big block Chevrolet V8 engine, which was broken in on the dyno before it was put on the chassis. Sporting Merlin heads, a B&M Mega Blower with a 3-inch belt system, twin Holley Carbs with internal air cleaners, custom fabricated stainless-steel lake style headers, a custom built B&M Turbo 400 transmission with cooler and B&M Hole Shot torque converter, and a whole battery of components from Miloden, Holley, MSD, Taylor, and Griffin. Of course, the transmission is controlled by a floor-mounted B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter.

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The original 1932 Ford 2-Door Sedan body has been chopped 2.5 inches, fitted with a Brizio custom firewall, filled roof and cowl vent, with steel replacing the wood in the door posts. Modified and re-shaped rear wheel wells accommodate massive tires, and the front fenders have simply been removed. All the metal work was done by Custom Metal Shaping in Corona, California - well known in the community as one of the preeminent shops in the business. Details abound like stock door handles, power windows, electric windshield wipers, Hageman hood, and a Dan Fink custom grill insert with a smoothed and filled shell. The Competition Orange paint by DuPont was sprayed by Darryl Snyder at Toy Works and all the mirrorlike chrome was done by Sherms Custom Plating and Polishing.

the-b-and-m-mega-deuce-a-roy-brizio-original-1932-ford-2-door-sedan01515 4lq9SzHUtj7 0oo0gg 1200x900The interior is black and features a number of custom touches that are both race-inspired, as well as harkening back to the days of yore when hot rods roamed the earth more often than not. Interestingly, this one’s a major departure from the ones built way back when, which were almost automotive salad bars, cars put together with parts from whatever the owner could find, afford, and make fit and work. Yeah, this is not that.

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Featured in Rod & Custom magazine, the Mega-Deuce is a multiple award winner at GoodGuys events, and the car just finished in the Top 5 in the GoodGuys Hot Rod of the Year for 2020 – it goes on and on, it’s absolutely insane, but the opportunity to acquire it is likely even more so. Registered as a 1932 Ford, it will be sold with a current California registration. A Roy Brizio original, the beauty of buying a rod like this is that you’re getting original artwork that can be used, which is part of why we think it’ll be well-bought at or near the asking price. The roster of components and number of hours needed to build this car would more than likely greatly exceed that number. That said, the post claims this rod drives well and is ready to be driven, which is another one-off beauty of the Mega-Deuce - it’s useful. So many hot rods are terrible on the road. So, are you ready to enjoy this one-of-a-kind-original?

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