The Cabin In The Van In The Woods, Part 2: 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Camper

  • September 22, 2021
The Rundown

*** We first wrote about this majestical Sprinter Camper Van/Cabin exactly one year ago and we're thrilled to see it back up for sale!

There are a few minor differences, like upgraded wheels, new steering wheel and front seats, the claimed mileage (110k then vs. 52k now, so somewhere between 50-150k is a safe bet), but most glaringly is the price - a whopping 40% more than last year!! Heck, real estate in some places has skyrocketed, and this IS a cabin on wheels. Either way, we still think it's worth it!!

Scroll down to see what we thought of this beaut when we first layed eyes in it...

Why We Like It

It’s no surprise that Sprinters have become an increasingly common sight at national parks and other outdoor recreation areas. Their capable diesel engines and available 4-wheel drive will get you where you want to go, and 319-520 cubic feet of cargo space to fit almost anything you would want when you get there. Some people use the generous space for a sleeping platform and storing camping gear, while the owners of this one used the space to build a cabin.

the-cabin-in-the-van-in-the-woods-2016-mercedes-benz-sprinter-camper00E0E 89CzyZRg00P 0CI0t2 1200x900Sprinters have become a popular conversion van platform, and most of them are outfitted practically, filled with features and fixtures that are both efficient and versatile. This sort of approach maximizes utility but doesn’t always make an ideal living space – like how a spork can do the work of both a fork and spoon, albeit not as well as either. Everything is pragmatic; few things are ideal. This Sprinter on the other hand, looks like a cabin inside. The walls, benches, and cabinets are made of rich wood, not pressboard. The counter is painted Spanish tile, the sink is carved out of teak. None of this was necessary, there was a cheaper, lighter, or more efficient way of doing almost everything, but it wouldn’t have nearly the charm. The handles on the cupboards, the toilet paper holder, mini fridge, and microwave all look like they were sourced from the home section.

Other features include a two-burner stove, hot water camp shower, flushing toilet, rooftop deck, solar panels, power inverter, LED lights, flatscreen television, a queen-sized bunk bed, and third folding bed. You can be “glamping” the minute you arrive at your site and shift into park, and it can sleep five adults, although it looks like a safe ride for only two. There are additional seatbelts in the back, though, but their only practical purpose in an accident would be to keep the rear passenger’s corpse from being thrown into the front occupants. It may not be the ideal Sprinter for the nuclear family, but the “seats two sleeps five” layout could make it perfect for a couple headed to Burning Man.the-cabin-in-the-van-in-the-woods-2016-mercedes-benz-sprinter-camper00202 5VMwXju2kFn 0CI0t2 1200x900

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Valuation Verdict

With so many customization options, prices on Sprinter conversion vans can generally range from the $50k’s to almost $200k. The ask on this one seems totally fair for a 4-cylinder non 4x4 version with the coolest interior this side of the Mississippi and just 110k barely broken in miles. We are a little curious about the story behind it, though; the fresh, photogenic custom conversion on a well-preserved Sprinter that is being sold in Hollywood makes us wonder if it was made for TV, film, or some other promotional end. Was Xzibit involved with this? There’s something about it that says, “Yo dawg, I heard you like charming mountain cabins!” No matter what the story is behind it, it’s one of the best camper conversions we’ve ever seen.

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